Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moose or Mouse? rescued from Christmas's past.....

 This Fall at a yard sale
 I picked up this box of Christmas goodies not knowing what treasures
I was in store for well this little handmade ornament was at the bottom
of the moose or mouse?
Indeed this little fellow from the 70's is you guessed it
Moose gross!
but kind of cute, right?

 I loved these little girls with there polka dot hoods!
 Remember these I was about 9 back in the 70's and we had a 
babysitter one night and she was working on one of these ornaments.
I think they are so pretty and this box was full of them.
Some Christmas items should be left behind (moose poop) but these
I'm glad got rescued!
I hope your all having a wonderful week also!


  1. those two little doll candle holders are soooo sweet...i always pick up things that look a little step father has a white beard so ive picked up things like that before ;0)x

  2. Ha Heidi, love your x-masbox..including the moose poop *hihi*
    Have a great time!

  3. It's christmas here! What a nice things. And youre white tree is also nice!


  4. ooh, gross. I thought he was pretty cute until then! The other ornaments are lovely though.

  5. Love all the goodies, very cute!!! What a surprise to find that little moose ornament at the bottom of the box. The things they make with moose droppings!! I actually think he is kind of's the moose earrings that that I see in the tourist shops that puzzle me!!!
    Chris :o)

  6. I want the two gals, they are so gorgeous.
    I never knew people make things with moose droppings. Clearly, I have been living a sheltered life!!! xxx

  7. aahhh those little girls are adorable and so is that pink decoration. I picked up a few last year but not as decorative as those. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my last post, have a wonderful party. dee x

  8. These ornaments have such a charm from back there. I have a bunch of them, too. The moose poop......I don't have that but that's O.K. I don't think I want it either.heehee. Diane

  9. Oh, homemade ornaments are my favorite too.
    Well, I think I'd pass on the moose ornament though.
    Those hooded girls are sweet, for sure!

  10. I LOVE your beaded ornaments! I have some similar gems that DH's grandmother made years ago. They have hung on our tree every year since my FIL passed away. No one else in the family wanted them and they had been put in a box of "throw aways" when I found and rescued them.

  11. Oh amazing, the little polka dot hoodies are adorable, love Posie

  12. Awww those two little girls are sweet love anything red and polka dot. Maybe not so much love for moose poop though even if it has been decorated! lol.

    The handmade baubles are lovely and a wonderful find.

    MBB x

  13. I love the little girls with red hoods, so cute!

  14. I'm with you on moose poop anything!

    I got a box of old ornaments many years ago from an elderly woman who was moving to the Pioneer Home. It was so sad - she had no family to give them to. There were some sweet things in there that eventually became part of our collection. No moose poop, thank God!

  15. Oh yes...I do remember those Christmas tree Grandma and I use to sit at her table and make oodles of them. What fun...thank you for bringing back such sweet memories.
    Love and hugs as you go into the weekend. xoxoxo

  16. I love vintage crimbo decs! The baubles are fabulous :o) Scarlett x

  17. Aw - love the little girls - so sweet! The moose is a bit ... strange!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

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