Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A few re-do's and ........

 Remember my thrifted lamp a couple weeks ago.
 I never cared for the shade 
 So when I found this one.....I thought it would be perfect!
 Well my knobs came
 What do you think?
 I'm still thinking about it!
 I made some rolls for Phil today.....I need to stay out of them!
at this point I still have.
 I just was saying this morning I hadn't seen a moose for a while in 
the yard.....and then

 this little bull came for a visit.
I wanted to show you the snow this morning
as we walked to the bus its dark now
but  peaceful.....


  1. Oh, I love seeing your post of the snow, the moose, and the darknness. It makes me homesick for the Yukon though!
    Your knobs are perfect for your kitchen. And how could anyone resist those cinnmon roll?
    Not me!

  2. I bet you are thrilled with those knobs..they seem to pull everything together! You are better than me being able to keep away from those yummy sweets, I can almost smell them now. xo

  3. Just look at all that snow!!! Love it! :-)
    Also love your knobs! Maybe you can make a close-up so that we can see better?
    I'd better not show those cinnamon rolls to Master C., he would eat them ALL! ;-)

  4. I just want the whole cupboard in my house! and I love the knobs too :) Can't believe you have a moose in the garden.

  5. What time does it get dark there now, I wonder?? I'm undecided about your knobs too, sorry but I'm truthful! Are mooses (pl?) scary or dangerous??

  6. It' looks so lovely with all the snow! Funny to have a moose in your backyard!

  7. Again lovely pictures :) - do miss the snow, it is white her now, but it is thick frost, not snow. This time last year we had plenty...but if we have too much snow...I grumble about that too ;)Enjoy your beautiful winter wonderland and have a great day (Ironing christmas curtains in a minute here :)

  8. ooohhh lovely pictures of the snow and the moose wow its like a picture from a book i would love to see him. Loving your knobs those blue flowers are gorgeous and look stunning against the white. Enjoy the snow and keep warm. dee xx

  9. I am currently all alone on the island of Mallorca in Spain...sunshine 21 degrees!
    But I know the snow and darkness will be waiting for me next week in Sweeden.
    Your so lucky having mooses in your garden :-)
    Heidi I LOVE the lampshade soo vibrant like your personality...

  10. What landscapes! Interior and exterior. Thank you for sharing these.

  11. Gosh I love your kitchen and those knobs are THE BEST- both colour and shape is gorgeous. Had a giggle over your kookaburras trying to keep themselves warm on your oven while the snow falls outside. Trying to imagine a moose teatowel on my stove! melx

  12. I forgot to say I love your lamp makeover,the shade looks great with those curtains. melx

  13. I have a lamp that needs a makeover, maybe you could pop round for a cuppa and give me a hand, love your new shade, very pretty door knobs, snowy pictures and the rolls look dangerously delicious. xx

  14. love the moose! and those cinnamon rolls! ugh!

  15. Oh Heidi…SNOW!!!….and Mr. Moose..I love it! What a wonderful place to live!
    Sorry that I didn't visit you for a while but I was really busy with baking (and selling;-)
    Have a nice time and enjoy from the wintertime!
    ….if you like you'll visit me here:

  16. I love that fringed lamp! =)


  17. Oh I do love all your floral enamelware, you have so much!

  18. i can't wait until our first snow!!! and cinnamon rolls...those look so darn good.

  19. Hej Heidi I love the blue knobs. It is so cosy in your home. A moose in your garden, I'm jealous ;)
    Have a nice day, lieve groetjes

  20. Nice new knobs!you wanted some of my cheese to go with your wine, may i ask you some rolls to go with my coffee???

  21. Love your pictures, your kitchen is fabulous, the knobs look brill. The snow pics make me feel all christmassy! :o) Scarlett x

  22. Oh wow, walking to the school bus in the snow & the dark, magic!! Love your kookaburra teatowel, yay Australia!! I hope you know the glorious kookaburra laugh sound, it's fantastic.
    Love the knobs & lamp do over, that cabinette can never fail to make me smile, contents, rearrangements & all, love Posie

  23. Thanks for commenting on my guest post on unique jewelry over at A Village Town! :) I'm so glad I found your blog because I AM HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with your kitchen!!!

    Belly B :)

  24. Just ran across your blog through a comment on another site and loved looking around. You have created such a warm cozy home! The military has us in the South now, but I grew up in a much more wintery place and miss the things that come with snow - fires and cross-country skiing, and sledding and all that. Lovely blog!

  25. Keep the doorknobs Heidi. They look perfect!! Love the lampshade as well. Such a difference :-)

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  26. I love the knobs Heidi...good choice!!! You are making my favorite kitchen even more beautiful!!!!
    I agree with your new lampshade choice as well, it really makes the lamp look more up to date and fresh!!!!
    Lucky Phil.......those buns look so tempting!!!
    Chris :o)

  27. your snow... i so enjoy your season, you know? it feels so homey by now, to come visit you in your corner of the world, you so liberate in showing us around. i really love it, heidi. thank you.
    you will be so plea-plea-pleased to hear about renovation progress down this end... i am completely out of time, all of the time, so i haven't posted, but somewhere in december (right!) i will sit down and make a list. the new kitchen might be (very basic) in use from spring off, and although that sounds very far away, after a year of camping, three months is so closeby.
    huggy, lovey!