Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Snow and a Couple Thrifted Treasures.....

 The kids had fun playing in the first snow of the year.....

 Cory's attempt at snow boarding on a my kids
would say Fail.
 and here is my first amazing find today at the local thrift store.
 I love the hand painted base.
 and this huge wall hanging.
 I love this sweet picture and the inscription
on the back of it.

 Sweet cookie/candy pan
 This huge Westclox $3
I love it in Cory's room....

What a wonderful thrifting day 
someones trash is my treasure.

Hope your all having a great week so far!


  1. great finds, especially the clock. love the pics of your kids playing in the first snow of the year, such a sweet smile on your daughter.


  2. Fantastic clock & great finds, the writing on the picture is so sweet!! Love MiMi's teeth!!
    Oh yes, our children said "fail" to or if it's really bad . . . "epic fail". They are kind enough to stop short of judging my cooking. Love Posie

  3. Oh man, look at that snow!!!! Can't wait for some to fall over here, but I'm sure it will be a while yet...
    I love that pillow with the red truck on it! :-)

  4. That set of pictures for the teacher just touched my heart, how very special. Love all of your great finds. xo

  5. wonderful thrifted finds my lovely- and look at your sweet children in the snow- how sweet xx looks great that clock in corys room and love the picture and lamp detail xx

  6. a happy post, you have find so manny beautiful stuf i love it!!!!
    greeting IrmaXXX

  7. aahhh lovely to see the children enjoying the snow ;-)) What lovely finds i love the flower picture and with the little story on the back makes it extra special. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  8. Hello Heidi, sorry I haven`t been commenting much but I`m having a real problem with Internet Explorer when it comes to leaving comments on blogs with no pop-up window comment box!In which case, I need to come over to Google Chrome and leave comments from there. I don`t really know why I`m telling you this but it`s a slow day because I`m stuck at home with your dreaded lurgy that you had last week - hope you`re feeling better now. Looks like you`re all coping really well with the snow, which should be coming to a country near me anytime soon! Love your new collection of treasures, especially the inscription on the back of the pretty print which was obviously given and received with lots of love. Hope you have a good weekend, my lovely, keep warm and

  9. Gorgeous photo's of your kids playing in the snow,the backdrop of the trees looks fab,and I'm lovin your finds,what a haul.lovely to find your blog.
    XX Manda XX

  10. First snow, always the most fun! Love your thrifted treasures.

  11. Snow! Here in the Nethelands it's very warm for the time of the year. What a great things do you have in you're house!

    Have a nice day in the snow!


  12. I am so excited to see that snow :) and your fab finds x x x x

  13. Wow Heidi, thats a super nice haul you made!!! I love it all! I especially love the lamp and the inscription on the back of the picture. You always have the best of luck!!!! You know how to rock the thrift world!!!
    Miss you!!
    Stay warm and safe!!!
    Chris :o)

  14. You found some great things Heidi! Love the clock and the painting!

    Madelief x

  15. i love your birdie statue in the yard!

  16. Great treasures Heidi. I pinned your robin to my pinterest. I love your lamp. The painting on it just makes it so special. Blessings, Diane

  17. Well done Heidi, some great vintage finds!
    Lovely to see your children enjoying the first snow - snow already!! Although I guess it is Novemebr now and for you where you live it is normal.
    Keep warm Heidi!
    Gill xx

  18. Fun to see your snow. Here in Norway we have summertemperatures these days!

  19. Lovely finds. I especially love the inscription on the picture - so sweet.

  20. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments, and I am so glad to have discovered yours too!
    It looks like your children were having a great time playing in the snow. And you found some wonderful things in the thrift store. It is nice to give something unwanted a new home :) Abby

  21. Love your finds! i am going thrifting tomorow and i can't wait... Hope i find the treasure... Good weekens Catherine

  22. hELLO Heidi!
    Well you got the snow first this time!
    Looks great fun can't wait for it to arrive here then it won't feel soooo dark,
    LOVE all the finds and the clock especially looks fantastic in your sons room.
    Have a wonderful weekend