Thursday, November 10, 2011

What do you do when you can't sleep?

 I'm over my cold but I still am in the bad habit of no sleep.
 So yesterday morning I was up at 3am and frankly got a lot done.
 First with my coffee while surfing the internet I found some
new knobs for my kitchen cabinets......I'll reveal them soon.
I'm so curious how they will look.
 Then the rest of the morning I rearranged and cleaned all my kitchen shelves
You probably can't tell the difference but its amazing how taking out a few
items and rearranging them differently makes it look fresh and new.
Then my other huge past time with the kids has been playing 
Old Maid with Mimi and Cory. Yesterday they had their friends over
after school and one of Cory's friends sat and played with us girls.....
My only problem is at this age (Mimi) nobody wants to be that
Old Maid. The tears start to flow, something they will outgrow
so sweet and yet they could play it all night!

So what do you do when you can't sleep?


  1. What a sweet kitchen you have...I am often up early...I find it the most productive time of the day. Don't ask me to do anything past 9pm though. xoxoxo HUGS

  2. your home is such a sweet delight, love looking at the treasures you've collected ;0)x
    when i cant sleep i surf the net or doodle...but i cant wait for my bed tonight, sophia's not been well and we've not had a good nights sleep ;0(
    so sniffles, warm cuppa's and cant wait to dive into my dreams hehe ;0)

  3. Your kitchen is just gorgeous! I would love to just sit there and enjoy my morning cup of coffee! :-)

  4. oh I am usually just going to bed at that time...well maybe not quite that late but I am a night bird :)
    I LOVE your kitchen x x x x x x x

  5. You can tell Mimi it`s not so bad being an Old least there's no possibility of anyone cavorting and crashing about in your kitchen at black-o`clock in the morning.....and not much possibility of anything else for that not tell Mimi that though, obviously!
    Love the results in your very pretty kitchen but get some chamomile tea for those wide-awake moments!

  6. Old Maid, I haven't seen that in forever! I used to play that all of the time when I was fun that you still play. - I have to take Benadryl before bed or I would only have 3 or 4 hrs. of sleep. xo

  7. Ow I love your kitchen :D! And so cute that old mermaid game :D!

  8. I have been suffering from having a hard time going to sleep. But I normally am so tired that I cannot get out of bed let alone clean the kitchen at the wee hours. You kitchen is looking lovely!!

  9. Hi Heidi,

    I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Like you I get out of bed when I can't fall asleep. Nowadays we are lucky to have a computer to sit behind until we get drowsy :-).

    Love your kitchen! So much to see!!!

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  10. Glad you are feeling better. No sleep is not good. (I catch up on facebook and blogs and sew, etc when it happens to me. Anything that is quiet and won't wake up the rest of the house.)

  11. Im so sorry to hear your not sleeping i hope you start to feel better soon. I love your home and your kitchen looks so so lovely and cosy i love all your item's. If i can't sleep i just listen to the radio or stay up and sew it does make my eyes tired. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  12. Your kitchen shelves always look great. You have such neat enamelwares!
    What do I do when I can't sleep? I usually blog
    But, I very rarely have trouble sleeping. My house is so small I can't really do too much, as I'd hate to wake DH.

  13. Oooh I love your kitchen, so colourful and the lamp above the table is gorgeous. I am more of a nightowl up to midnight most nights, often posting late night blog posts. I've never played old maid- is it a version of snap? melx

  14. I love your kitchen sink!! Wait, does that sound wierd? Probably, but too bad! I wonder if you have chosen colourful cupboard handles? The internet is always my 'something to do' backstop.xx.

  15. love your shelves, i'm with you on the reorganizing being a fun way to pass the time when you can't sleep. i find a new arrangement really freshens everything up...

    l o v e your sink, too.


  16. Hope you're able to get some good sleep soon. You need that energy. I love your kitchen and your rearrangement. It's really great when you have so much enthusiasm and love your home so much that you want to get up and do that. Maybe once in my life I might have done that, now I think I would get up and maybe crochet. Diane

  17. Heidi, you have such a fabulous kitchen, and so many groovy kitchenwares that it'd be quite relaxing re-arranging them all. It is amazing how much work one can get done when everyone's asleep and one's not disturbed.

    I usually get on the internet and within about 15 minutes I'm ready to hit the hay!

  18. Can't you come to my house and do the cleaning at night while I am sweet asleep? :)

    I really hpoe for you that you will get your sleep back!

  19. Such a cosy kitchen. Thank you for the lovely pictures. Glad you are feeling better.
    Have a nice weekend, lieve groetjes

  20. Love your kitchen, all your beautiful things so nicely displayed! Hope you feel better soon :)
    Cant belive all the snow you have gotten already. Here in Norway the snow is late this year. Oh I long for all the white! Now its just dark, wet and cold..

    Thank you so much for all your warm comments, they always makes me smile! Youre the best!

    Have a good weekend ;)

  21. oh wow. thanks for the memory of playing old maid!

    hope you can get some rest again soon!

  22. I go on the computer! Hope you feel better soon.

  23. Hello :)! When I can`t sleep I usually get up, go on my computer and write, If I don`t feel up to the computer I go paper and pen. One of my hobbies is writing short stories, don`t think they are bad, but can`t find the courage to send them to a publisher...yet :)!
    I do so love your red enamel treasures, wow, what a lot of great things you have! And your winter pictures are really beautiful! Snow is late here this year, had a few snowflakes on friday but they didn`t settle...rather disappointed actually :)Have a great week, hugs Pam

  24. you DO NOT want to know, so i ain't telling.
    [actually? i usually feel miserable. apparantly i'm not the only one at that]...