Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland.......

 Look at how much snow we have from my last post
we have been getting a little more every day...
 Which call me crazy has so put me in the mood for the holidays.
 My backyard looked so pretty with the sun starting to come up
this morning.
 I switched out the yellow and green enamelware for red.
 Sorry about my screen.
 I love my vintage turkeys
 The snow is pretty right now.
 I can't wait to mix vintage Christmas in
 Have any of you started listening to Christmas music yet?

 This sweet little nutcracker I found this weekend.
I'm sorry I didn't get around to visiting many blogs this weekend
I had such a head cold I hope this is my one for the season.

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Work, work, and more work for me! I barely have the energy for blogs at the moment. Your snow is so beautiful, I'll never get tired of looking at it.xx.

  2. Everything looks so festive. You have so many wonderful things to display, it looks like a magazine! I bet the snow really put you in the mood to decorate! - We went shopping for a big gun safe this weekend...a bit spendy so it will have to wait a few more weeks. Also looked at more woodstoves and are narrowing it down now. xo

  3. I'm a lover of red. This is an amazing collection.
    I can see why you'd be getting in the holiday mood with all that wonderful snow. I'm so jealous!

  4. Your red enamelware is so pretty in your newly painted kitchen. How could you not be in a holiday mood with that to look at. Your snow pictures are beautiful, too, Heidi. Winter is coming/here. Blessings, Diane

  5. Your backyard looks amazing with that beautiful snow!! It belongs on a Christmas card. And I love all the festive holiday reds you have put out on the shelves. Really fun!!

  6. Dear Heidi,

    your red collection looks wonderful and you have placed the items so pretty. You are a great collector as me I think.
    I´m not a big fan of snow and winter but your backyard full of snow is nice.
    Today I mustn´t work. I´m glad about this because my small doggie is a little bit ill and I can stay with him. He is such a little baby and needs much love and care. Last night we let him slept in our bed he layed in my hubbys arms and loved it. He is so small and fragile and I hope he is doing better now.

    Have a nice day,

  7. I LOVE SNOW! And I love your collection of red stuff, puts me in the X-mas mood as well...but in Holland SInterklaas comes first! (just google on Sinterklaas and you'll see him...)

  8. ooohhhh your backyard looks like a picture postcard what a view it looks so beautiful. And WOW your red items look amazing all grouped together like that and next to the white shelf a gorgeous contrast. No i haven't started listening to xmas music yet but i know when i go back work later this week we are starting the Navity play with the little ones ;-) I have spent my weekend in bed being poorly. So sorry to hear you have a bad head i hope it is better now. dee xx

  9. Wow, your backyard looks completely gorgeous! What a sight to be greeted to everyday!

    Your enamelware is awesome! Love the shelves with all your treasures on...gorgeous pieces....I am in RED love!!!!!

    Have a beautiful day!

    Vanessa xxx

  10. Beautifull pictures!!! Your backyard looks amazing!! And your house is ready for christmas :-). Hope you feel better now!

  11. Beautiful pictures as always. In love with your backyard photo and all that red enamelware.

  12. Love to se your snow! Here in Norway we are still waiting for it. Our ski- atlets can not do their runs.
    We want snow! :)

  13. there was a free cd in my magazine this months- festive carol service in one of the church's , so ive had that on- very spiritual the echo in the church your red enamel wares on your dresser- stunningly festive ;0)
    look at that snow- wowza!!!!! your pictures set such a beautiful view into your snowy wonderland x

  14. Hi Heidi. I tried to leave a comment earlier but it wouldnt work!
    What a beuatiful sight to wake up to, a real winter wonderland!
    Your red enamel ware looks fantastic on your new white shelves, so bright and cheery I love it all so much!
    Hope you and your family keep warm and cosy in your beautiful cheerful home!
    Gill xx

  15. Oh la la! It looks absolutely wonderful!!

  16. Hej Heidi
    Soo jealouse of all that snoooooow
    Wish it would arrive's the least snow in Sweden for 100 YEARS!!! Guess you have it all so far...
    LOVE RED/ENAMEL and so beautifuly displayed.
    Have a great week ahead
    Back to STHLM Thursday LONDON Friday YES! YES! YES!
    Have a great week ahead

    Woh; It's realy cold there in the north.
    Its how I think Alaska looks like!
    In holland we don't have often snow in winter...sometimes 1 or 2 days- sometimes 1 or 2 weeks- never 2 months.
    But its warm and cosy in your house!
    warm greetings from Fleur

  18. Your display is magazine worthy. Absolutely beautiful reds!! (I am so partial to red in the kitchen!)
    I read that Alaska was going to get a big storm. Are you in the path?? If so ...Stay Safe!

  19. in pins and needles myself, miss, to come window christmas shopping over at yours.... oh, you are one dab hand at interior design! they must ALL want you, up there, in alaska, for good advice and stuff.
    and i just can't believe that snow. it's my first snow this season! ... tahnk you!
    ps - and keeping your eyes peeled is the message, for there will be a give-away involved. but i needed say that about the eyes peeled, because you are such a regular hopper. love ya for it!!!!

  20. Beautiful snowy pictures, gorgeous red enamelware, lovely festive post. xx

  21. Oh Heidi,

    thanks for your question about my furbaby. He is now in the vet clinic because he has an intestinal obstruction. I´m very anxious about him.
    He is so small and fragile and in one day he is becoming so thin. He was very ill as he came to us 4 years ago. We fighted a very long time for his life and we won and I thought the worst is over. And now he is ill again and in pain and in danger and I´m very nervous. He is my very special baby and I love him deeply and he knows that and loves me as I love him.

    Tonight I will go to the vet clinic and then I know more. I have great hopes because he is a real fighter, a tiny puppy full of energy and he never gives up.

    I will update you tonight.

    Sad greetings,

  22. I love your red and white enamel, it must of taken years to collect, looks so chrismassy, you always set things out so beautifully xx

  23. Love the red and white, makes me think of xmas! and with all the snow!

  24. Dear Honey,

    now a little update. It is not an intestinal obstruction and no operation is needed but he has a very bad gastritis. He is vomiting and very quiet. We don´t know why this happens. He must stay at the vet clinic and gets some infusions but no food. Tomorrow we will see how he feels and if he can go home to us.

    I miss him.

    hopeful greetings,

  25. Oh my gosh you have put my favorite colors out!!!! I loooooooovvvvvveeee the red and white enamelware!!!!! It's wonderful Heidi!!!!! And the polka dots are absolutely my favorite! It can't be more perfect!!!! This reminds me so much of some of the Christmas magazines put out by Mary Eberling!
    Stay warm!!!
    Chris :o)

  26. your snows are gorgeous! glad you're in the mood to enjoy 'em!

  27. Awww this post has made me feel all christmasy, love your snow pictures and all your beautfiul homeware :o) Scarlett x