Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Winter Wonderland.......Inside and out!

 Remember this Fall when I mentioned I found a 
Flocked Christmas tree at a yard sale.....
 I must say.....What a mess these are to put up!!!
 My shiny brites look so pretty on it.
 I have been working on Christmas for 2 days now.....
 and I regret not waiting till Monday when the kids were 
back in school....
 So were in a mess till then.....
 Mimi and I went for a walk the other day with a friend and
with our temps just above zero or below....
 We froze, all of our hair was frosted
I kept telling her if you see an icicle  at the end of my
nose please tell me.....
Everything looks frosted..... So Beautiful!

Happy Decorating to all of you!

I'm off to see what you have been up to....


  1. beautiful tree, heidi -- will look forward to seeing it. [BTW - can a friend, Jaci LeDoux, come with me to the "partyyyyyy?" it would be nice to drive with someone... smiles. can we bring anything? karen

  2. A little piece of heaven, everything looks so beautiful! Your tree is stunning, LOVE it! x

  3. What a cool christmas tree. Love the colours!!

  4. Your white tree is is the scenery. Wishing you well and keep warm, Tam x

  5. bbrrrrr! sounds soooo cold, I think it is coming our way soon. Your tree looks beautiful and love the vintage baubles. Keep warm and snug xx

  6. Blimey that sounds very cold. But oh how pretty does that snow look with the xmas tree's ;-) Your tree is so pretty the white really shows up all your gorgoues coloured decorations. Its beginning to look a lot like la la la ;-)) have fun, dee x

  7. Hej Heidi
    Just like a fairytale, inside and out.
    Have a nice week,
    lieve groetjes

  8. White Xmas trees are so pretty! I'm waiting until December first to get mine out.xx.

  9. oh wowza such a pretty winter wonderland ;0)xx
    love the tree what a treasure- love the frosted branches against the colour of the baubles x

  10. How beautiful, everything is so lovely, beautiful pics, beautiful scene, beautiful home!
    It is very magical!

  11. Beautiful tree and beautiful scenery outside!

  12. Your tree looks really cute.
    I know many people might think I am nuts, but I can't wait for the snow to start falling here in the UK. :)

  13. your outside is so beautiful! but you can keep the cold! :)

  14. Could you have done a more festive post???!!! Loks amazing..brrrrr...but amazing.
    Nattie x

  15. So pretty..........a snowscene inside and outside the house........gorgeous tree. x

  16. one day, my love, we will meet.
    and that's a fact.
    and you will do no such thing as labour in my house.
    you will relax, and enjoy.
    and talk some flemish, of course.
    get those school books open already!
    shall i send some?

    ps - wonderland?
    thank you, polkadot!
    you've put me in the right spirit.
    although my tree is dusted over, with builder's dust.
    yeah. that bad... ;)))
    so that means my tree is grey!
    matches your flock a little...
    and mine is messy also, to put up, all that dust coming off...
    oi oi.

  17. baa humbug
    are you bonkers
    although gotta
    it all looks
    jolly jolly


  18. Hi Heidi,

    The tree may be a mess to put up, but it looks great!! You have a tree with a difference and I like it!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  19. Dear Heidi,

    oh your christmas tree looks so pretty with the lots of ornaments - I would love to have a similiar tree. Surely your family is impressed by all the glitter and white and shimmering colours.

    And a post ago I saw your florentiner chandelier in your dining room. I think your house is full of treasures.

    And I have exactly the same thoughts as you about the utensils racks. The paintings make them so special. This is the fact because I love old cake plates with paintings and enamleware with paintings too. And my favourites are the items with the roses. 100 years ago people made so pretty household things. I don´t know why this tradition is lost today.

    Wish you a happy evening,

  20. Wow, your tree looks so special!!! Happy decorating!

    Greetings, Heidi

  21. Thats a great tree Heidi!!! I love all your ornaments!!! Can't wait to see you!!! I still have to do my decorations!!! I'll start on my decorating on the first of December!!
    Chris :o)

  22. Heidi, your Christmas time looks so picture postcard beautiful. We sing about snow & reindeer here, some folk even have snowy looking Christmas Trees but the reality is that outside looks the same all year round here, just much hotter, more blowflies, screeching cicadas, lizards & snakes. We spend our Christmas time trying to keep cool from the blistering sun & splashing about in the waves at our local beach. What is most special is having all that extra family time with the kids on their 6 week Summer break & the end of school year.

  23. I love your beautiful white Christmas tree!
    And I read all your older post, you have all the colors of the world in your house, it is so lovely!
    Yes, I am back, thank you so much for your comment on my blog, tomorrow I bring the cat to the vet, then I will go to mum's home again, I think, or wednesday if it will be late.
    I can't wait she will be in good health again, I know that there are more check-up in the hospital to do, but I hope not very often...
    I do not start with Christmas decorations yet, maybe next saturday.
    Have a nice week Heidi, and thanks again!

  24. I love all of your beautiful, colourful vintage ornaments! They're like jewels on your tree and the white is the perfect backdrop for them to really pop :)

  25. That is the nicest white Christmas tree ever. As you can imagine, it's Summer in Australia at Christmas so the snowy trees are a bit lost on us in December. Love your colourful decorations, gorgeous!! Love Posie

  26. I can imagine that it would be messy but it's worth it when you have it decorated with the beautiful ornaments. I love it. And the outside pictures are just heavenly. Brrrrr! That's cold....after 10above it's just frigid to me at whatever the temperature says. Have fun decorating Heidi. Blessings, Diane

  27. I am in love with your tree, really !!! I have so many of those ornaments, how strange to be looking at them on your tree! They are usually on our tree in Vancouver house. Don't you just love looking at all of them and they look like they totally belong on that white tree...all so sweet just like you and your cozy home! xo

  28. It's beautiful, Heidi! I love when the low clouds pass over and everything is covered in frost. Magical!
    I havn't even pulled the Christmas decorations out yet. Still recovering from to much turkey!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    ~ Zuzu

  29. That is a gorgeous tree. I have never seen one like it. Enjoy the cold it is way too hot over here. xx

  30. At the suggestion of Karen Dorcas from the Alaska Blue Moose blog i took a look at your site. I love your images and am now a subscriber! Liz Thomas