Thursday, November 21, 2013

The wish list.......

 Of course my wish list is from Anthropologie....
I fell in love with this tea set for my class room and so I ordered it
I'm so excited! Its going to look adorable in our kitchen.
 Can't wait for Christmas.....its hard not to start decorating!
 love these......
 This coat is a work of art!
Please go on sale.....
Not practical shoes for Alaska but adorable all the same.....

Well I have had my morning escape with my first cup of coffee
and now back to my day which
includes a trip to the dentist for Cory and I......yuck!

Take care,


  1. Everything looks so pretty!! Anthropologie is amahical place... If only it were a little cheaper...

    Have a great day (despite the dentist)!

    1. I meant "magical" .... I think I need more coffee! Sorry!

  2. Love all your items on your wish list! (not the dentist visit of course...) ;-)

  3. Think I might just be needing a little tea set.... :) x

  4. Dear Heidi,

    I have said it before, but oh how I wish we had an Anthropology store in Holland. Those shoes look irresistible and the tea set and little suitcase just lovely!

    I think the children in your class will enjoy their tea very much :-) Hope the set will arrive soon!

    Have a great weekend!

    Madelief x

  5. Oooh, I know a little person who will love that teaset. GREAT to 'see' you Sweet Lady. Hope you're

  6. Love that precious tea fun that you ordered it and will soon have it in your hot little hands..yay! xo

  7. Hope it went well at the dentist. Your wish list looks fun, Heidi. Hugs, Diane

  8. Hard to beat Anthro! Hope the dentist appointment went well! Talk soon - Amanda

  9. It's the most wonderful store, but for the most part too expensive for me. My daughter always oohs and aahhs over all the pretty things in there.

  10. I am looking forward to getting all the vintage decorations down from the loft I love Christmas to it makes the house come alive even more :-) Love those spotty spoons and the tea set is really sweet, Hope all went well at the dentist, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  11. Hi Heidi
    I visited Anthropology in Regent St, London, recently.... and almost had 'kittens' seeing all the beautiful, home wear and indeed Christmas out ~ fits...Beautiful! I could just about afford to browse with my daughter!!! wishing the sale starts very soon for us both!!! hehe...Hugs and Twinkles **** Maria x

  12. Hello Heidi,
    what a great wish list! I will keep my fingers crossed that the coat goes on sale.
    Big hug,

  13. Hi Heidi,

    I absolutely adore EVERYTHING you've posted today.
    Anthropology is SO my shop as well, only I'm afraid that their products are a wee bit too expensive for poor me.
    Especially the pompoms at the table (can't believe I haven't thought about it myself )

    And the jacket! Wow!

    The shoes look fantastic as well.

    You really have great taste.

    As for the Christmas decoration: at this moment I still am restraining myself a bit, but it has already begun anyway . Have a look:

  14. those polka dot spoons are adorable!

  15. Thank you for your always so lovely comments!:)
    I love your tea set (well, soon it´s yours). Its is adorable. And the same are the spoons with polkadots:) It´s nice to have a wish-list.

  16. I agree Heidi, that coat is a work of art!!! Totally love it!!!!