Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank You, Miss Posie Patchwork!

Sitting in bed this morning was quite a treat
 I'm half way through
reading her blog day features just by-pass one of them..
Thank you again Posie! 
I love taking in all your energy, creativity and your
adorable family.....for some reason I can't link back
Just check out my blog list to hop over.....

we have rain rain rain today
 I hope you all find the sun!

p.s. I baby sat my 2 little cuties yesterday
and I must say hats off to all of you mom's who had there
children close together, 2 car seats a double stroller which I got stuck
trying to get into a store....when I got a look I just smiled and said
I'm just a woman driver, I forgot you don't give small kids gum
lets just say those clothes are toast, then to top it off we went for ice cream, we all deserved it.
and perfectly timed when we got back home I handed the sticky bundles of love right back
to Mom......phew!


  1. I will go check out her blog. Have a great day!

  2. so summer is
    officially over
    first day
    of autumn yuk
    (pretty but sad)
    guess it's real quiet
    chez toi 'h'
    can imagine how
    sweet and sad that is
    kitchen looks great
    miss yer mrs
    mine is a mess
    boxes shite and packing
    omg help


  3. sticky bundles of love :) haha!

  4. hi there! i do love posie! such a bright spirit in this blogland! :)

    i love your nook above!!! i want that nook! :) my 9-sided gazebo of a house has no nooks! :)

    :) and i did love your description of the sticky bundles...

  5. Hi, came here from Posies blog. You have a great blog too! All the best x x

  6. My goodness, my pleasure to show you off to the world & share you with my bloggie buddies.
    You're my favourite blog, love you to bits!! Enjoy those sweet little girls . . . as for children close together, well, i had 4 in 4.5 years with twins in the middle, so good 2+ year gaps, but pow, instant family. Mine were light & car seat laws go up to 7 years of age in Australia, so i had 4 in 4 car seats (plus i used to babysit 2 extra boys, 5 days a week, who were born exactly between my twins & my 4th) so make that 6 car seats in my car . . . it was so much fun!!
    Ok, i was still in my 20s & just had that can do/ have to do attitude as my husband was always away with the Army & if we didn't leave the house we wouldn't have food, or parks, or preschool. I honestly thought nothing of taking 5-6 children under the age of 5 to the supermarket, they were all so well behaved & fun & happy & easy. I certainly had a 'this is what we have to do, don't mess with strict auro' but lots of love & cuddles. I was a show stopper though, people couldn't work out what was going on & they'd ask. The set of 4 blondies were mine - the Jamacian one, funnily enough, he was my best friend's son & the other brunette boy another friend. I miss having children home now they're all in school & now high school, love Posie

  7. Oh extending the invitation to check out why i love Heidi from this amazing The Polka Dot Petticoat at my blog too . . . love Posie

  8. Hey there - how nice of you to say hello yesterday! I´ll be back to visit for sure, just have a little vacation to do first..! :-)

    Have a great day!

  9. Phew, makes me tired just thinking about it!!!

  10. Heidi I am actually over 40 with a mildly autistic 3yo, and yup, more than one child for me would be...tough for us both in some ways. How long did you 'have no life' for? Good luck with the nay-saying :)