Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Sailing....and clear blue skies!

 Well we sailed through August....
 and our last day was a wet rainy one
 can you see the hint of yellow in our trees
 but our first day of September is like a summer day...
 beautiful blue skies...
 Mimi and I made a buoy swing...
 Look quick, our little baby is growing up and on the move...lately they
have been coming to visit at night.
 It was so nice I went for a walk this morning
when there wasn't traffic flying by it was peaceful.
 I took this lovely picture over at Carol's my neighbor.
 look at her raspberries....I have a ton of these growing wild in the backyard
I'm going to fertilize them in the Spring and cross my fingers...
 look at the color of her currents....
 George who needs a haircut badly is also enjoying the kids being back
in school and our peaceful house during the day!
But I'm sure we will sail through September just like we did August
but for us this means winter is just around the corner.....
but for now today is perfect!


  1. Beautiful photos as usual! I haven't noticed any of our leaves turning yet but it seems like they are green one day and the next yellow. We cut back our blackberries in early spring and I thought that maybe we wouldn't get any but they came on better than ever. So nice that you have the wild raspberries. Enjoy your good weather! xo

  2. Oh, I love seeing your part of the world. Here in NJ, it was a gorgeous day too! I posted photos...

  3. everything looks so lush. the berries look delicious!

  4. It sounds like you had a beautiful day Heidi. Your pictures are beautiful. They really show how beautiful Alaska is in the fall. Diane

  5. Oh those berries do look lovely! Our weather here is just perfect now, about 12 overnight and 24 in the day, but summer is only a few weeks away unfortunately, then its 6 months of 40 degree torture!

  6. Alaska looks wild and sort of undiscovered........beautiful. It would be lovely to see some pictures when all the trees don their autumn colours.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    lily x

  7. I love how calming nature can be. I forget to appreciate it sometimes.
    Right. IS THAT YOR BED? I have bed envy. Gorgeous bed and gorgeous bedding and a gorgeous doggie too. xxx

  8. Wow, I wish my surroundings looked like yours! Beautiful. Have a great weekend, Heidi!! :o)

  9. Hello! Thank you for nice comments on my blogg. I have been looking around here in yours - and what a lovely blog. Very nice things. Have a nice friday. Eva :-)

  10. Nice pictures of the nature around you.Your dog looks peacefuly sleeping, after the summer children holidays! (hope evrything is ok, heard of an earthquake in Alaska?) See you soon, Hugs Catherine

  11. Dear Heidi,

    Your first September day looks beautiful. I love the photo with the mountains in the background. You have such an amazing view!!!!

    Wish you a happy weekend. It's going to be a sunny one in Holland. Hurray!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  12. Lovely pictures from the first day of september.
    Have a nice weekend,
    lieve groetjes

  13. ha, your neighbourhood is looking the part, i'm telling ya!
    (does give me a little twin peaks frisson too).
    just kidding!