Saturday, September 24, 2011

A little dirty laundry....

 I someday will be able to move into my new laundry room 
downstairs but until then....
 I dream of new front load washer and dryers in fun colors
they are soooo dreamy. they almost run themselves!
until then I'm so thankful these oldies but goodies
still keep on working....with my 2-3 loads a day!

when I finally get to move into the new space,
this will be a wonderful storage room!
I hope your all having a wonderful weekend
I'm unwinding after having Cory's birthday/sleepover
last night.......they were all wonderful and he had a 
great time thats all that matters.


  1. Your laundry room is now also colorful....but i can imagine you dream of two pink or blue washer or dryer!!!
    I hope you fell well this day, wish you a synny sunday!!

    Dutch greetings,

  2. Your laundry is nicer than my children's bedrooms!

    You've got to love a powerhouse of a washing machine. I consider my Asko front-loader like a fifth child.

  3. Do you know what i just love your style and taste for things and design. Your whole house is just a yummy feast on the eye. Sleep overs are the best ;-)) glad he had fun. dee xx

  4. hugs to you too sweetie xx shame your family dont see what we see such a lovely heart filled with love of your family and home making - making your families life full of wonderful memories, they will live to regret not having you in their lives.

    love your laundry room- it would make a wonderful den for all your toy treasures- love the colours together- you have such precious things xx

  5. i hope you are relaxing on your sunday :):) the house is coming along ok, I just need to get things on the wall so bad!!! I"m stuck though! Oh and dining room table chairs...

  6. always a good reminder to be grateful for the conveniences we have, no matter what the age or style. :) they get us through our days!

  7. Hi Heidi,

    Wish my laundry room looked as colourful & happy as yours. Wish such a room it must be fun washing :-)

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief x

  8. 2-3 a day? eek!
    you brave woman...!
    i love those machines that fill from the top. we don't have these.

  9. My sister used to have a top-loader. She would start her laundry at 9.00am and finish sometime around lunch!!!You could always paint your machines, Heidi, with some enamel paint? Always great to come here.Love your new header pic. Have a great week my friend.x

  10. Storage space...a whole room of it...oh how I dream of thee! Living in a 1920s workers cottage unfortunately I have none of that, lucky you!!

  11. I love how colorful your laundry room is and organized too...very nice! xo

  12. Your laundry room is very cute, cozy and loved. That's great. What a sweet little room it will make, though, when you get your new one. Blessings, Diane

  13. Gosh, even your laundry is pretty!!

  14. I dream of having a laundry room one day!!!

    Victoria xx

  15. What a sweet sweet room...I love the colour! Happy new week to you. xoxo

  16. I just love the reto colors of your laundry room!!
    Have a Great Day & hope you feel better soon!!

  17. Glad you like my little giveaway, thanks for taking

  18. Love the laundry room now without the computers. What a great little spot.