Friday, September 9, 2011

Alaska part 2

 Look at this sweet one room school house
 this is the outside of it.
 I love this old photo....half of these fishermen were from Seattle.
I was told half of the city of Seattle back in the day was built 
on the Alaska fishery it was so lucrative.
way more than gold
 Here are a few examples of those old fishing boats
I had a better image but it wouldn't load for me.
 Look at these lovely match stick homes
I know this must be before the television.
Some other goodies....more to come.

I loved all of your comments on yesterdays post....
I always said I could live in a shack with the man of my dreams
and tomorrow will be 17 years with him....
but I don't think those shacks are mouse proof
so I'll stick to a house.....I'll fill you in on big boys first date tomorrow.
to the homecoming dance.
 His date was crowned the princess today at school, lets just pray
he remembers to wear deodorant and brushes his teeth.

Happy weekend!


  1. I had to go back and see your #1...I have no idea how I missed it...anyway, these are great posts, love all of the photos and the info. That is so interesting about Seattle. Our next door neighbor in Vancouver has his own construction business and hasn't worked steady for several years now so he has been up in Alaska for months now on the fishing boats to earn money. Thanks for the great posts! xo

  2. boyz will be boyz... but i wish them all the luck anyway...
    princess indeed. 'sure you haven't landed somewhere in the middle of a fairy tale, hon? and will the pumpkin toll (or am i mixing up the classics here?)

  3. Thanks for the last two posts Heidi. Life had to be pretty rough there in those days - even today if you lived in one of those rough little cabins. Diane

  4. Love these posts, so interesting to find out the history of Alaska........I know you can read about it in books but it's just not the same as seeing it through the eyes and camera of someone who lives there.

    Hope your young lad enjoys his first date.

    lily x

  5. I like your pic of the old fishing boats. I am fascianted to be able to see parts of your world, it is so beautiful. The schoolroom is adorable. Not too keen on mice either.
    Aw, I hope your boy has a lovely time. xxx

  6. I heard that the man/woman ratio in Alaska was 5/1. Is this true? If so, I`ll book the flight and can I rent a room from you?Not that I`m desperate you understand!
    Hope the lad survived his first date.
    Have a great weekend, Heidi. xxx

  7. I have always been intrigued with Alaska. I think it is most beautiful!!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  8. ha ha. mouse proof! :)

    happy anniversary!!! and congrats to your son for good taste in dates!

  9. Hi Heidi,

    I enjoyed reading your last two posts. Life must have been difficult then.....I am not sure if I would have enjoyed staying in such a the cold......:-)

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  10. Oh i love this, i had a headache yesterday so missed the post, i'll retreat. Happy Anniversary, yep, i am the same, could live anywhere with the man of my dreams, clearly i do as i follow him all over Australia. Love Posie

  11. Lovely post again. Happy anniversary.
    Regards, Annet

  12. Hello, when I first visited your blog, I thought you were living in Sweden....with the houses and the moose.
    But now I know its looks like bit the same...its also cold in winter ofcourse and in the north...
    nice posts!
    greetings from Holland, Fleur