Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Me.....Dear Me.....

Well I promised my workers today lunch
because lets just say this is not an easy job.
They are installing our new furnace....
So I made a pot of soup a loaf of bread....
some savory meat sandwiches....
a pan of brownies...
apricot and cream cheese danishes.....
I did not realize they were vegetarians oops
oh well the bread with cheese worked
along with the pastries.

Let me tell you they have been having fun messing with me 
about how big the mice are under my home.
you all know how petrified I am of those little guys!

I asked him the first day if I would offend him if I covered the holes
with my old trays.....he laughed and said go ahead but I was just going
to put the register covers over them.....


  1. Yummie! And now I can't snack anymore because of that Invisalign and you post all these goodies!!! (stomach is rumbling) ;-)

  2. I'd be happy to eat the meat dishes that they left behind..Yum!

  3. You treat your workmen very well! What a nice person you are. I'm afraid I would have made a pig of myself. Diane

  4. oh, sorry you cooked with meat! those sandwiches look yummy!

  5. I would work for such a meal, it looks delicious!
    What kind of soup is that, I would like to taste that :-)

  6. Aaah soup, it is that time again. Everything looks delicious and I just love all your old German kitchen objects.

  7. It looks delicious. I would like to have
    the danish, with my cup of coffee now.
    Have a nice day.
    Lieve groetjes

  8. Beautiful stuff. And the food looks delicious!
    Pitty they could not eat the meat! :)
    Hope they are good work.

  9. Look at that food!! See, I've always known I'm meant to visit Alaska! Actually my best friend from high school has just moved back to Anchorage, so you never know, I might just make it one day.xx.

  10. Yummy. It all looks lovely apart from the mouse part, eek!

  11. Food, glorious all looks so delicious, and doubly delicious to someone who's following a healthy eating plan....mmmmm those apricot and cream cheese danishes x

  12. Looks very tasty. I would stop being vegetarian.
    Love your german enamel where.
    Regards, Annet

  13. Can I come and be a worker at your house? Your lunch looks delicious!!
    It sounds like they appreciated the parts of the meal that they could eat. And you have dinner already made!!

  14. Wow you have been busy.. your food all looks yummy ;-)) Hope the work all went well. dee x

  15. Oh bummer, oh well, leftovers for dinner for your meat loving children right?? They could have been vegans & you'd have been really screwed. Love Posie

  16. Delicious looking food and I love that utensil rack!