Thursday, September 22, 2011

My fun vintage finds.....and I took a picture?

 Check out these lovely ceramic treasures.....
 Love this tray
  vintage wood bowls
 Look at these incredible butterflies there a set of three
 I put the other medium one on another wall
 Vintage Texas ware dishes complete set of 8
  peacock feathers
 Love this big old metal waste basket
 Look at all my score of Christmas 
see my fluffy white tree at the bottom.
 This light she found in a shed and gave to me, it is fun!
 Look at how the babies have grown.
My girlfriend scored this clock for $5

I got my hair done and this time I decided 
what the heck......I don't know if you 
know what a big deal this is for me,
so silly!


  1. Yay, finally a face with the blog! And so pretty too! :-)

  2. Your hair is adorable and so are 'YOU'! How fun to get a new hair style just in time for a new season. - My dad had an ashtray just like that orange one in the top picture. I really like some of those old ones, but since hardly anyone smokes any more I don't know what I would do with it. xo

  3. hubby said why don't you smile I really do have a phobia with just look at the hair please.....

  4. heidi, hi-thee-ho! hello!! ;)))
    that clock... jeez' i'm dying...
    my lady, you have done good...
    can i say? YOU LOOK LOVELY!

  5. The ash trays make me want to take up smoking again! Love Love Love the clock!!!!!!!! S-C-O-R-E! Also, vah vah vah voom on the hair! You look so vampy mama!

  6. It's lovely to see you Heidi.........looking good, love the hairstyle, really pretty. x

  7. Nice to see you! I can imagine how hard it is to publish a photo of yourself. I still don't have the guts to do it. By the way I'm blond my too and my hair has the same length, but a bit straighter. Nice weekend. Regards, Annet

  8. Love your hair. And all the colors and patterns in your picktures :)

  9. At last!!!!! I believe this must be the first photo I see of you not hiding behind your hair :-) You look GREAT! Love your new hairstyle!

    Your finds are great. They are SO YOU!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Madelief x

  10. Pretty hair. I have yet to be brave enough to publish a photo of me!! M x

  11. Great hairstyle. I'm like you photo phobic, always have been since I was little.

  12. You look gorgeous! Love the hair. No Need to feel shy! But I can talk! lol.

    Love all your finds. So love your rooms. So lovely bright and colourful. I bet you will have fun finding just the right place for all your treasures.

    MBB x

  13. I don't know if you had my comment? BUT, i said I like your haircut and your finds.Nice to see you on your blog! hugs Catherine

  14. Nice to see your pretty face! Have a great weekend :o)

  15. I like your hair! Yes, I know what a big deal changing ones hairstyle is-I'm always too chicken to do it!
    You have some really neat stuff. You need a shop.
    Most of all I love the mooses!

  16. Beautiful picture of you Heidi. I love your haircut, too. You found some great stuff, so did your friend - that clock is great. Yes, the moose babies really are growing. Blessings, Diane

  17. I don't know what your hair was like before but it looks really great! So jealous of that clock, groan, we hardly get them here and I'd love to have a couple in my shop. The butterflies too, very cool. Have a fun weekend.xx.

  18. Wow, I feel like I stepped back in time to my childhood! So many fun finds! :)
    I am the worst when it comes to getting my hair cut! Your cut is so pretty!!!
    Big hugs & a very happy weekend to you & yours,

  19. Lol at the camera phobia..I think I have it too!
    You look great! ..and wouldn't mind to have a peek into that interesting Xmas box :-)
    Happy Sunday Heidi!

  20. aaawww you are so so beautiful its so lovely to see you ;-)) Your hair is gorgeous to. I love all your finds especaily the tray and the Texas ware and that clock is great ;-)) Enjoy all your lovely finds and thank you for putting your lovely photo on to. dee xx

  21. You are beautiful Heidi!
    I am happy to see you, and I love your haircut!