Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A re-do and garage sale finds!

I received a phone call from a friend to come and to take a look
at her mothers treasures.....these things were in a box that I purchased.
look at these sweet little doll cookware set.
and these little glass and pitcher set.
at first I thought they were plastic.
and these sweet little child's dish set with a soup terrine.

and here is my before picture of my living room....
and my after picture....
but hold onto your seat here is the best find yesterday

this pillow is so this lady told me about another lady
who is getting ready to have a sale and I went to her house today
I think I died and went to 
Mid-Century heaven......just the coolest!

 I will post everything soon but I have to tell you
one of my finds is a vintage flocked white Christmas tree
I thinks its 8ft......Pinch me!
 I have wanted one of these , forever !!!


  1. what finds! Our town had a townwide garage sale this weekend and what a bunch of c*^%^p was out there.

  2. You seriously have a gift for picking up treasure!! All gorgeous finds & your living room is so beautiful..x

  3. Sweet indeed! Nothing better than one's own private garage sale, I say!

  4. Fantastic hoard there Heidi, I'm imagining that 8ft high white christmas tree, glowing with lights and decorations........perfect.

  5. Lucky you!! Great treasures!! Looooove your pillow :-), it's so unique! And your living room is lovely and cosy!

    Have a great day!

  6. Soo many things! Great treasures!!
    Cant wait to see the rest :).
    Thanks for your nice comment.

    Hugs Madelén

  7. you found some
    real delights mrs
    oooh how lovely
    and your abode
    is looking great
    and the lodge is sold?
    gotta be good all around


  8. Hej Heidi
    Great finds.
    Your livingroom is very cosy.
    Have a nice day, lieve groetjes

  9. Wow, I bet you can't even believe your luck! First, I really like the way you have the living room, very welcoming and cozy. What a find with the 8ft. flocked tree, I bet Christmas can't come quick enough for you now! xo

  10. Fun finds - I'm in love with the child's dish set! Sigh.
    Have a happy one,

  11. Amazing, Heidi, found so nice things :O)...and your living room is very cosy indeed :O)
    Looking forward to see the other things!

  12. Oh Wow..... I adore the childs dishes!! Your LR is lovely!!

  13. I want the doll cookery set! Your living room is so cute and full of character. Brillaint finds. I like the drawers near your window and your burner in the corner looks lovely. x

  14. Hi Heidi,

    Your living room looks great. You did an excellent job! You found some beautiful things. I especially like the green glassware. It's so pretty!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  15. Love your living room and all your gorgeous bits and bobs. Can't wait to see this xmas tree (and I'm not even a xmas tree fan, I'll have you know!). xx

  16. aawww you have found some pretty finds there ;-) Loving your livingroom and sideboard is just gorgeous and so is that cushion. A white xmas tree enjoy that this year. dee x

  17. So many pretty things! I love your new living room. Looks really beautiful!

  18. I love your living room that way Heidi. You're finding some great treasures, they really are hard to resist when they're as nice as these. Diane

  19. And look at all that Portmerion behind your other lovely finds!

    Thanks for your comment - my boys do things like that too, and it doesn't seem to harm them! But I do reserve swimming for very hot days. The rain's coming in tonight so the heat seems to be over for a while.

  20. yay for white christmas trees :)
    I can just imagine it in that lovely room x x x x

  21. Lovely living room it looks really cozy and inviting ,well done on finding your new treasures x

  22. Lovely pictures and what an anusual pillow, reminds me a bit of a dandilion, will definately get noticed by people who come into your living room - which looks great by the way! Have a nice weekend, hugs from Norway

  23. dandylion, oh sereously, can`t spell today :)

  24. ... a flocked white x-mas tree????? that is not for real...! don't wait till december to show us now! my, my. your season rooms will look delicous with all of these goodies in it...

  25. that cushion is just BEYOND fabulous!
    Have a good week

  26. Heidi you manage to attract the greatest finds! Wonderful stuff and that cushion is amazing! Your living room looks great, so cosy and welcoming!
    Gill xx

  27. look at those cuties doing the dishes!! i have pictures like that from when i was a kid, haha!