Saturday, September 3, 2011

A day of Beauty......for George?

 Hello my Darlings....
 We are always amazed at how perfect George looks when he comes
back from the Pooch parlor.
 From this rag muffin
 to this cute little hind binder....
 he always has that little extra bounce in his step
like I'm important..
 enough now...
 I think if he had his choice....
he would take this day all over again...any day of the week!

Have a super weekend!

p.s. our oldest is going on his first I ready?


  1. So soooooft looking now ! :-)
    My youngest was just dumped by her boyfriend and I am ready to do some punching! ;-)

  2. Oh what a happy day for your doggie!! The years just seem to speed past us. How do our children grow up so fast? But what an exciting time for your son!! (I just have to ask... is it the little gal from Germany that you mentioned before?) My sister said something once that I have always remembered. Each person that your child dates could possibly be the one that ends up as part of your family some day. So look for the good in them.

  3. PS- Yes the daisies are fairly easy to make. The youtube tutorials online are good at explaining of the written directions seem confusing. It would be easier to start out with a 12 peg loom, rather than a 24 peg loom, because getting between each petal to stitch it together is difficult when they are crowded.

  4. What a lovely treat for George.......and a lovely treat for your son, you always remember your first love. x

  5. I love your bed. SO much. I just can't stop saying it. LOVE IT! I like the drawers next to it too with the little handles. I love the green cupboard behind George as well.
    He does look as though he does think, yup, I look GOOOOOOOOOD. My other half wants a dog and after seeing George, so do I. xxx

  6. FIRST DATE!?!?

    Glad it's you and not me ... I think I'd prefer the two rascals you had to mind the other day. But. of course, I'd love to know how it all went. I'd be worried about hurt feelings and what not ...

    George. Looking the goods! Absolutely hilarious. Poodles, there're a breed unto their own, aren't they?

  7. what a cute pup!!!

    first date! how exciting!

  8. Love the one on the little chair it would be fun for pets on furniture on desire blog. First date....oh to be a fly on the wall. Xx Katherine

  9. No, we're never ready! Hope the date goes well. George is gorgeous. They really know that they look better after a do, don't they? Rascal sure does! Have a good weekend Heidi. Diane

  10. your oldest is.... fifteen, right?
    are you ready?
    of course you're not.
    and don't feel ashamed either.
    but guess what?
    you're gonna let him, ad it will be fine.
    or not.

    george been to the barber's?
    what a make over!


  11. beautiful George! mine will have their hair cut in a few weeks, before Autumn. Good day Heidi, Catherine

  12. he looks just like a stuffed animal, it is killing me!

  13. Oh Jeremy, on a date?? Too exciting. I can not wait to play the role of "not my son missy" & see how all my messages of "no one will ever be good enough for you" to my darling son, pay off.
    Then your George, too cute, like a big powder puff. I must admit, i love my puppy (huge German Shepherd) extra when he's all rosey & clean, i think he's a bit happy with himself too. All the better to get muddy again, love Posie
    PS want gossip on the date, i'm not far behind you, eeekkk!!

  14. :)
    Oh so cute!
    Good luck with "your" first date ;)

  15. Hi Heidi,

    Funny to see that the hairdresser has the same effect on dogs as on us women :-)! George does look good!!!

    Have a happy new week!

    Madelief x

  16. So cute and fluffy :)
    x x x Jane x x x

  17. What a cute little dog :-))
    Regards, Annet

  18. aawwww George is so dam cute ;-)) and his coat looks so lovely and soft. Aww i hope the date went well for your son..dont they grow up quick. Have a lovely week, dee xx

  19. My little Westie has a spa day coming up on the 22nd. I think I will take some before and after shots! George is an inspiration! What a fluffy little cutie!

  20. He is sooooo cute!
    Oh my, I can't imagine how I will feel when my little man goes on his first date!! M x