Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How about 1964 fashion now....

 A little Mad Men fashion.....
 These tight girdle things we just see all the bumps and lumps
I don't know whats better......
 Check out Vidal Sassoon 

I promise to post my new treasures, I have just been so busy
and I'm sorry I have been having trouble getting out there
to visit all your blogs.....
Have a great rest of your week!


  1. I started my senior year of high school in 1964 and seeing your post photos brings back lots of memories. That was a special year for me!

  2. hello and thank you for kind words at my blog :) You mentioned the follower button, I see it has ended up quite far down the page I`m afraid :). I don`t remember the sixties, but I did put on a corset for my wedding...must say Im awfully glad I don`t need to wear that kind of gadget too often, even if the models in your magazine look fab. My bumps and bulges stayed in place until the organ started playing, then there was a loud snap and it rolled down! well...atleast I could breathe again lol ;)
    Have a great day, hugs Pamela

  3. Don't you just love those old magazines? I don't come across them often, lucky you for getting your hands on this! xo

  4. Aah, so much to love about the 60s! Probably my fave vintage decade. Keen to see your latest treasures.xx.

  5. In 1964 I turned 13 in the Fall.... My Grandmother passed away & my parents divorced & life was never the same again.

  6. Gosh i just love that blue suit in the first pic - but I'd never achieve that tiny waist even with one of those girdles!!
    Thanks for sharing these fun old fashion pictures!
    Gill xx

  7. Oh Heidi, I can remember my mum wearing clothes like this. They look lovely. I wouldn't mind wearing some of them at all. I must admit that I prefer the dresses over the wide knitted sweaters :-). They do not look that flattering.

    I enjoyed watching the Mad men series very much. If only for the beautiful clothes!

    Have a great day,

    Madelief x

  8. this reminds me of going to the pattern store with my grandma all the time when i was little :)

  9. I like what we wear now better. I'll take jeans and a t shirt any day. Cute post Heidi. Diane

  10. i would not have survived the era of 'suck it in and hide it'! :)

  11. These clothes are very 'now.' All the autumn and winter clothes seem to be sixties influenced this year, maybe because of the popularity of 'Mad Men.' I love the black and white pic of the lady with the bob. Is it a shampoo ad? She reminds meof Jean Seberg. xxx

  12. Oh, I can relate to all of these fashion and the girdle. Can't believe I ever actually wore one. It was just what one did!

  13. Gorgeous, you know, you could rock a lot of this fashion today & not look weird. Love Posie

  14. yes, yes. mad men.
    don't half miss 'em...

  15. I love old magazines - the cover of the Woman's Day is classic: "Let's have a beanfest!" It's always a beanfest around here!