Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Mimi....with 7 Moose!

 Our little Princess turns 7 this morning
she got a new bike.
 So yesterday, I know we were a day early on this present
we decided to take it out for a spin.
 It was so beautiful out with all the colors.
 and then it started to rain......
 its not snow yet.....although we had our first frost.

 The other morning we looked out the window and in our backyard were
7 moose. A bull moose, 2 mommas and 4 babies.
It was hard to get a great picture because it was still
so dark.

On another note our oldest decided to sign up to donate blood
at school, so I signed the papers and when he came home
yesterday I asked how it went and he said he fainted.

poor thing had a terrible headache. I asked was it the needle and he said they 
never got that far.....I think he had worked himself up over it.
I told him its the thought that counts.

Have a super rest of the week to you all.....


  1. Congratulations Mimi!
    Happy birthday to you :)
    What a bike!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! !
    Fainted?? Awwwww..... Just got all excited with the prospect of it all. Maybe next time will be better. I am sure he wasn't the first one.
    The Moose pics are great... We are about to have our first frost too.
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mimi! What a pretty new bike! Mimi must be a very special girl to get seven moose to come to tell her Happy 7th! - Bless oldests heart for wanting to do that..The needle is pretty big and it is his first time, he can try again at another at a later date. Love the photos! xo

  4. Happy Birthday Mimi! Hope you had a fab day!

    Awww bless for fainting.....the thought was such a lovely thing!


  5. Cangrats,Mimi and Mom! Wow moose in the's so much fun to see something completely different than my own backyard!

  6. aww poor thing! But you are so right, it is the thought that counts :)!! Happy birthday to your sweet little girl, what a lovely place she has to test her new bicycle :). Love your pictures, wow 7 mooses! That is really something! We have two wondering around our home these days, two young males. Seem very peaceful :). We had our first frost not long ago, but i hope the snow stays away a while longer...I do so love the Autumn ;)have a great rest of week, hugs Pamela

  7. happiness and loves on mimi's birthday xxxx
    wowza a new spankingly lovely bike- wooohooooo!!
    im very excited for mimi x
    love your pic of the mooooooooose! oh wow! id be scared, i ran from a herd of cattle once and they chased me to the end of the field i jumped the fence like a kangaroo! hehe x

  8. Happy birthday to this little girl!!! I can hardly believe it is so cold, today it is 25 degrees, like a summer day...
    But also the leaves are falling...

    Enjoy your evening,

  9. Mimi is 7! Wow! Happy Birthday Mimi! I love her bike. 7 moose huh? I'll remember that when I'm driving - we have to watch out for them. Yikes.
    Tell Jeremy that I had a bad experience the first time too. It get's easier and better. Keep persevering.

  10. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations to Mimi! What a lovely bike she got. She must have been very pleased. Hope she will have a lovely birthday today!

    Your part of Alaska looks breathtakingly beautiful. All that space....that's something we can only dream of in Holland.

    Hope your son is feeling better now?!

    Have fun,

    Madelief x

  11. Happy anniversary Mimi, great bike you have.

    I love the pictures especially the moose. So great they are in your backyard.
    Regards Annet

  12. What a sweetheart! She looks just like one of my daughters friends. And what a fabulous bike!!

    Sorry to hear about your son. But the thought was nice though :o)

  13. happy birthday mimi ( I love that name )
    lovely pics from your part of the world
    x x x x x jane x x x x x

  14. oh, happy birthday to your youngest, and i'm sorry for your oldest! i'm sure he was embarrassed!

    love those moose!!!

  15. Hej Heidi
    Happy Birthday to Mimi!
    7 mOOSES WOW! And all on the same day!
    Hope your son has recovered, what a wonderful gesture though...

  16. Oh, my gosh, look at those moose and the view you have outside your window. Wonderful. I hope your son wasn't too embarassed. I'm proud of him for wanting to donate blood. Maybe next time.

  17. Look at the moose! .. mooses... herd of moose?
    The smile on your little girl's face is priceless! What a perfect gift for her! Your son is such a great kid for wanting to give blood! Blood donation is not for everyone and I know he will find other avenues for helping out.

  18. Happy Birthday to your little girl!

    Cool bike too.

    Aww bless your boy too. At least he wanted to donate.

    MBB x

  19. I hope the birthday girl had a great day.

    Ah bless your son, he'll do it another time. the other friday was my 30th donation, it gets easier and think of all the biscuits you get to eat when you've donated.

  20. A belated Happy Birthday to Mimi! I wish I could have a bike like that.

    Lou xxx

    PS. big hugs to your son! :0) x

  21. WOW. The moose amazes me. Your little girl is gorgeous. The woods look so enticing, like fairytale woods.
    Bless your child. I think the fainting happens a fair bit.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. They are always very cheering. xxx

  22. Happy Mooseday Mimi! Love your new bike and very sensible helmet. Lucky duck!
    Poor little fellow.....but very sensible too for even contemplating donating. Well done Him
    ps it`s taken me two days and a change of browser to be able to comment!Bad,bad Blogger!

  23. I love the pictures of the new bike, the party, and the moose! So sweet. I wish I lived somewhere that had moose! I guess I'll settle for seeing some deer now and then, and just look at wonderful blog pictures like yours for the moose. I thought Mimi's birthday party looked perfect and I hope she had a wonderful time. I'm glad you also were able to enjoy. Your poor son . . . well, my oldest son always darn near fainted when just getting his immunizations, so I can relate. I am proud of your son for even trying. Tell him I said so!! It shows what a good heart he has. What a great effort for even trying!!!!

  24. my... your son is great!
    and your one loving mum, mum!!!
    almost snowtime??
    happy birthday mimi!!!

  25. Hiya, I'm woefully behind on commenting! Such beautiful scenery, I'll never tire of it!!