Sunday, September 11, 2011

A lovely first....

 Well I wanted to share a few things....
 look how pretty the flowered broccoli is. Carol had mentioned 
that she wanted the boys to pull it and throw it into the woods.
I just thought it was so pretty. 

 Thank you for your anniversary wishes.....we spent the evening
having dinner with our youngest 2 by candle light and kool aid in
 champagne glasses, well we had wine.
 wondering how Jeremys first date was going at the dance....
Look no t.v. in the living room anymore, I love it.

when we picked him up at 10:30 he said best night ever
He got his first kiss and a second date.
I'm glad he had a good night.....I was speechless.


  1. Your house looks so pretty.
    Congratulations on your anniversary, sorry I missed it somehow. Glad the first date went so well. Diane

  2. awwww first kiss, second date woohooo! ;0)xxx
    bless him xxxx
    love your photos, love the yellows ;0)xxxxx

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary! First kiss, I am hoping to have a few years before Sam comes home to tell me about his.

  4. First kiss, yikes! Glad he had a good time though. Love your house, it is so very sweet and welcoming! xo

  5. How lovely........first kiss and a second date, he's doing well, lol.

    Happy Anniversary, sounds like you had a lovely evening with your children.

    lily x

  6. Yourliving room is very beautiful.I once had tv less living room and it was so calm and peaceful.
    I was chuckling when you said your child would not allow you to wear those clothes. I have a feeling I may end up being the crazy embarrassing Mum. xxx

  7. Oh boy that's so exciting for him! I can't imagine those days yet, my big boy is still very anti girls..
    Your anniversary dinner sounds lovely shared with your two youngest, & a living room without TV - LOVE that!

  8. Wow! A first kiss and a second date!!! :)
    Beautiful yellow flowers.

  9. Beautiful livingroom. Nice pictures. I'v never seen broccoliflowers before. Thanks for sharing.
    Regards, Annet

  10. Hi Heidi,

    You already wrote it on my blog, but I am quite amazed how pretty the broccoli flowers are. They look so cheerful!!

    Jeremy's first date sounds very exciting! I hope he had a great time! I can still remember mine very clearly :-)

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  11. Awww - how sweet! I have a hard time imagining that my boys will date... even though they already seem to have some girls they like a little extra, especially my 9 year old. :-)

  12. Happy belated anniversary Heidi&husband!
    Love the bits and bobs you have in your cosy nest!

  13. Aargh I'm so behind on commenting! It's a few years yet before I have the first date in store...but I don't look forward to it, it's a real step in the 'letting the baby go' direction...I want my little one to stay little forever.

  14. How sweet that he shared all this with you! I'm so glad the date went well and they had a great time.

  15. mum speechless?
    that is the cherry on the cake for son, mum!
    well done you!!!