Friday, August 12, 2011

Phew, finished!!!!!!

 I'm exhausted, as is everyone in our little home.
 We had to be completely done before the appraiser came this morning....
 So a lot of late nights but were done!
 I thought I would share the family room first.
 we had a garage sale last weekend and Vicki
brought this bench and lets just say it had my name on it!
 I picked up these books at a yard sale a few weeks ago.
 the kids are excited about their new space.

this fabulous lamp and clock were also part of Vick's
garage sale goodies.......I love my lampshade with it.
I think she looks like a little chubby woman with a cute hat!!!
I need sleep I'm talking a little goofier than normal......
I can't wait to see what I have missed
in your worlds!!!


  1. WOW! I see lots of great stuff...and a super livingroom space!

  2. Your new space is great, I see many things that I would love to 'borrow' from you, hahaha! I especially like the aqua colored lamp on the table with your new books.

  3. It all looks so brilliant! The map is spectactular! I think you just need a large indoor plant. I love the whole thing! You must be chuffed!

  4. Your hard work really paid off! The family room looks fab.

  5. Heidi, your home is just the bees knees! What a wonderful job you`ve all done. I love the children`s corner and those litle telephones are adorable. Did you sand and varnish your floors? I`ve still got to do mine but that will have to wait for another day. Isn`t it a relief when you finally put the paintbrushes to bed!!!Well done on a great job. xxx
    ps I wonder what adventures `The Lady` got up to with `The Lumberjack` in your gorgeous book?lol

  6. What a lovely relaxed room, its nice to see colour. Love the cupboard, map and rug! Gorgeous!

  7. I love your room - Lot's of nice stuff and great colours!

  8. so when are those glossies coming 'round? all of these years getting inspired by other people's interiors has done its job!!!! now the reporters need to come to your place! has someone rung them already??

    heidi, i love what i'm seeing, every single corner. this is done with love, and with attitude. simply gorgeous!!

    ps - the hole(s). all filled up, the last one by simply moi exclusively, but i haven't taken out the supports yet....
    no, i think it'll be fine. if not, we'll start all over, i guess.... ;)

  9. WOW! I just love your new space. It is really lovely. Light and spacious with all those lovely knick knacks and gorgeous furniture. You have done an amazing job. Just gorgeous!

    MBB x

  10. Wow, what a funn place!! The colours, the interior design... I'm impressed!
    Hugs Madelén

  11. Hi Heidi, I'm so happy for you. It's such a lovely and cosy room.
    Have a nice weekend,
    lieve groetjes

  12. OH it is so gorgeous! I love your blue cupboard and you have so many lovely things. x

  13. Looks like you've been one busy lady! Hope you can still enjoy some of the left-over vacation? :-)

  14. Your home looks so cosy and welcoming, a lovely haven for your lovely family. You have some gorgeous vintage touches............perfect, I think you should now give yourself a well earned rest.

    lily x

  15. Thank you for your comment! And I just love your blog!
    The pictures of your interior is so inspiring!
    hugs from Laila

  16. My dear Heidi,

    your home is very colourful - love it. And your yellow danish enamelware is so special and beautiful. I think your home is very big - is it?
    Mine´s is too small for all my collections and passions - grin.
    Today I´m sad. Yesterday I sold my first own little house in a german area called "Oberfranken". It is 500 km from here and the region is very beautiful too. My family lives there and my small house was in the neighbourhood of my parents house. But we haven´t enough money to keep my sweet little home and our new home (which you know from my blog) together. I cannot show pictures from my last home because it makes me sad. Our new home is very beautiful but my little one was only mine´s and I lived there alone many years. I have homesickness (is this the right word?)

    The region where I live is absolutely beautiful, but my former home is it too. Yesterday I was the last time in my small house in "Oberfranken". I had to say goodbye to it.

    My best wishes to you,

  17. Love, Love love everything in the room and the house! so amazing and colourful! Makes me want to restyle!
    Have come across from coco rose.

  18. It looks great!!! The painted pieces are so cheerful, and I love your quilts! And most of all I LOVE that school room map!

  19. Thanks for being 100th follower! xxx

  20. It was all worth it! Love the colourblock rug.

  21. WOW it looks amazing ;-)) I love all your accent colours and that lamp is to die for what a gorgeous find its stunning and i love that little orange and white plate on the wall by it to. Well done ;-)) Now get a good rest, dee x

  22. OMG, this is utterly beautiful. The pears, the rug, the patchwork, the lamp.... In short, everything!