Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School time again....the start of Autumn

 School started yesterday and It always amazes me
 how the last month I keep thinking soon school will be starting
 and I can't wait for a little peace and quiet...
 and the day comes and it always is a sad quiet one....
 On Monday we did a practice walk
 to see how long it would take us to walk to the bus stop.
So we snapped a few photos of the changes we saw along the way that 
reminded us of Fall.
 Jeremy our 16 year old had a great first day
he was excited to have met a foreign exchange
student from Germany who he thought was quite cute.

As you can see Cory was not thrilled to have his
picture taken but did it for me....they do grow up fast don't they.


  1. How sweet they look! I remember how when school started in fall, I was happy and sad all at the same time too. xo

  2. I love "first day at school" pictures! We used to take pictures of Phoebe at her desk on the first day of school, until middle school when she turned to me in the car and said, "DON'T come in!".

    To answer the question you left at Home in Douglas, it has been so wet and rainy here...a portent of the fall to come, I'm afraid. It is like October here, only warmer and lighter!

  3. It is bittersweet, that first day back to school, my children have been home educated for the last five years and so I don't have to deal with the back to school blues anymore, love your little girls big smile.

    lily x

  4. always felt sad
    at the end of the holidays
    now even more-so
    since storm lives with his dad
    yesterday cried a river
    missing him so bad
    whilst packing up his room
    in readiness to move
    realise that i didnt make the most
    of our brief time together
    (and oh yes
    i hate autumn
    nearly as much as winter)
    lots of love
    to you all


  5. We are starting to prepare for the first day back into year 4. Don't know where the last 4 years have gone. My little baby is growing up so quickly. M x

  6. Sophia doesnt start til first week in september, i was noticing the changes in her just over the last months, they grow so fast! she has her first pair of school shoes ive bought all her uniform! a little teary thinking of her starting big school.
    Your photos are lovely!!!! arnt they cuties xxxx

  7. Hi Heidi
    Yes they grow up very fast. It seems yesterday when my children were in kindergarten and now, they are 22 and 19.
    For this moment my blog is out of order, but I hope everything is gonna be alright.
    The web-log team is working on it.
    Have a nice day,
    lieve groetjes

  8. Sweet children :)
    And beautiful autumn colors already!

  9. Amy starts college in two weeks, the weeks and years sure fly by.

  10. It looks like autumn is starting to creep in there. Not here, yet, although it is cooler today. Back to school is always an exciting time of year.

  11. Your pictures are so pretty. I love the little red mushroom with white dots. Your kids are growing up right before my eyes. It's kind of funny but I still get nostalgic on the first day of school - even now! ((Hugs)) Diane

  12. First day of school STILL stresses me out! The kids look so big! You will get used to the quiet soon enough. I promise.

  13. Hi Heidi,

    So sweet of Cory to let you take his picture :-)! Your daughter looks very happy though! She must be pleased to go to school again. Going to school in Alaska is so different then in Holland. Our girls can go on bicycle or on foot. I hope your children will have a lovely new year!

    Veel lieve groetjes,

    Madelief xox

  14. You are so right about the quiet, I know I will feel the same ... your kids are so sweet even when trying not to be :)
    x x Jane x x

  15. So nice picture.. your children are so sweet!
    have a nice weekend in your beatiful country!

  16. All too fast indeed. Your little toadstools there are amazing, and what colours! We only have boring brown ones here.

  17. Oh such sweethearts. My MiMi is waving to yours, let the blondes unite!! I hope my boy doesn't decide to not enjoy having his photo taken, he has turned on me before, bless Cory's heart. Good luck to Jeremy with the cute exchange student, what a happy back to term distraction, love Posie

  18. Hi Heidi!
    Yes it comes around so quickly, those first few dyas are bittersweet as you regret them gone back and miss them, and regret all the things you didnt get around to doing.
    Didnt realise you had a handsome strapping 16 yr old too!
    Gill xx