Friday, August 26, 2011

A little out of practice....

 Shhhhh all is quiet and calm for the moment......
a friend asked me to watch her two little girls
for the day they are both under 3 years old.
 it started at 7am and they cried and consoled each other it was 
the sweetest thing, then they warmed up to me.
I have been called Mimi ever since.
 we have been on 2 walks
played in the sand
ate some raspberries out of Carols garden
threw rocks in the lake
washed our feet and everything else in the kitchen sink
our only problem has been that Momma forgot to
leave me the diaper we have been wearing a lot of  
Mimi's clothes , we won't tell her!!!!
 You forget the business....
 I took them for a 2 mile walk and out they are for the moment
so I think I will try and sneak a quiet cup of tea
I hope your day is going well. 


  1. Oh adorable. I often had extra children in my mix (like 4 wasn't enough) but after all of your babies start school & you babysit for a friend, it's so lovely, it takes you RIGHT back to how wonderful it was, what you used to do all day & how much energy they have (compared to teenagers!!) What little darlings. I often get called by my children's names (especially MY MiMi, it must be an easy name to say & call others, for we mothers-of-a-MiMi). Love Posie

  2. Ha! Ha! So cute, and such a difference for you. Look how messy your house gets! And I can imagine how full-on they were.

    Oh, but they're beautiful!

  3. hehehehe...kiddlywinks sure keep you on your toes! when i have my twinnys little girl here and sweet pea its busy, fun and tiring! galore across the floor- but joyful to watch them play!
    My mother had twins and two boys! i wonder how she did it!...maybe i was just made for one! My Nanny came from a family of 9 brothers and sisters as well...all so much fun though! enjoy your cup of tea! you deserve it!xxxx

  4. Oh No! No diaper bag that would have been a disaster for me :)
    Sounds like you kept them busy by the look of both of them fast asleep. So cute! I bet they had the best time.
    Doing it again?
    Pam x

  5. What a couple of little dolls!! No diaper bag, Yikes, you're a miracle to make do without those necessities. Have a great weekend. xxoo

  6. my, are you courageous... i'm trying to imagine how it is... how it must be, and i think, hey? this could be fun?
    i love them sleeping in their strollers..... ha ha ha... you wore them out, didn't you???

  7. You are ambitious and generous! What a lovely friend you are! Thank you for the chat and tea yesterday. As always your company is good medicine. Enjoy the peace tomorrow :)

  8. It looks like you all had a merry time, I love when my grandchildren come to play........I get to paint, glue, stick sticky stars in some very strange places and re-read all my favourite childhood story's exhausting, but so much fun. There's only one way to describe my house after their visit......a happy contented chaos.

    lily x

  9. Hi Heidi,

    The two sisters look so sweet and alike!! I must have been a busy, but happy day for you! I hope your children enjoyed their first days at school again? Mine had difficulty settling after the long summer holiday :-)!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  10. One gets so much exercise with kids around. am just thankful mine still has an afternoon sleep, they're a godsend!

  11. Oh Bless them! They look lovely little girls and looks like they have been so well looked after by you!
    Hope the rest of the day went well - I'll bet you were exhausted by the end of it!
    Hope you got a well deserved rest later although with your own brood to look after I sadly doubt it!
    Love that sweet tea cup and saucer in your last photo.
    Gill xx

  12. Looks like you did a great job with them 'Mimi'! :-)

  13. This looks like my house! :-) They really are adorable, aren't they? Especially when they sleep.

  14. aawww bless there little hearts ;-))How cute being able to play in the cupboard to ;-)). Hope you are having a lovely weekend, dee x

  15. what a lovely blog, looks like you all had a fun day too, nothing like being around children :)

  16. Sounds a bit like my Wednesdays for the past two years....though it's a later start at 7.45 am and there's only one of them!.....wouldn't change a thing though. Have a great week my friend. x