Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fit and Healthy.....

 So the blog challenge for today was
Fit and Healthy
What do I do to stay in shape....
8 months ago I would have said walked
a little yoga here and there.
Lets face it, at 44 I have never been in shape.
But 8 months ago a friend invited me to try a workout with her
Its a combination of boot camp and cross fit.

I have to say at first I thought I would just die but this last month
I was able to do

50 jumping jacks
25 vertical jumps
25 push ups
50 lunges
and 50 squats
in exactly 6 minutes

I never would have thought any of this possible
I saw a comment on Pinterest
where I found these images
and it said
Strong is the new thin!

Now this is day 5 of this challenge and I must say I'm running out 
of steam.....


  1. go girl! You're doing brilliantly!!! :) x

  2. I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!! 25 push ups? Yikes!!! That is impressive. Should have done a before and after for this post. Still can!

    Hope you are well - talk soon.

  3. Thanks for your visit.
    I couldn't do what you are doing!

  4. what a great blog!!
    Go you and the fitness - just keep pushing through but remember you deserve a rest day too :D
    On a similar note, I'm doing the Whole30 challenge at the moment and I've been feeling a little the same in that I could quite easily stop. I would love to just inject my diet with dairy and grains again. BUT. the results are worth it. Without making this about me (sorry), my point was, stick to the good stuff (your exercise routine). You've done amazingly well so far!
    Maria x

  5. That's wonderful, Heidi. I'm sure it took a LOT of HARD work and I bet you're really happy with how you've turned out. Congratulations! Diane

  6. ♥ Hello Heidi! Have a nice day! xxx Riitta♥♥

  7. that is awesome heidi! work it girl!

  8. Man Heidi, that is just unbelievably fabulous!!! And all that under 6 minutes: crazy talk! ;-)
    No seriously, I'm very impressed! :-)

  9. Wowwww, good job! (hihi)

    XXX Sweet Zjanne