Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is your favorite thing about Spring?

So May 2nd challenge is 
What is your favorite thing about Spring? What plans do you have to enjoy it?
 Its easy to think of the negatives of living in Alaska in the spring when I woke
up to fresh snow falling gently down.....
but on the positive side its melting
warmer temperatures
waiting for the first signs of something green popping through.
and for about 2 weeks in my backyard I have lake front property.....
I do miss as you can see in the top picture
Spring in Seattle with all the lovely flowering shrubs
and tulip fields.....ahhhhhh!

My plans to enjoy Spring?
Patiently wait for the mud to dry and head out for a hike with the kids.

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  1. Yes! Patience is going to be the key here. I went for a hike at Fuller Lakes yesterday. It was a lot of post holing and mess, but we still had fun.

  2. Oh yes, there is nothing quite like Spring in the Pacific Northwest. My favorite thing has to be the flowering cherries..sweet memories of my childhood in Portland where they are on ever street! xo

  3. wait patiently - what else can you really do? :)

  4. That's a good plan. We're headed into winter, which used to be my favourite time of year, but last year winter was loooong and I could not warn up, ever! Enjoy your water views for now..x

  5. Another positive thing about living in Alaska is the great views of nature, as you always show. I hope your patience will be rewarded soon. Have a nice week. Regards, Annet

  6. My favorite part of spring......when the flowering crabs and lilacs bloom. The smells are heavenly.

  7. heidi, you courageous woman!
    may has 31 days, and don't you forget it... ;)))
    have a blast!!!!!

    1. btw, if it comes to that.
      spring sees me renovating! hee hee...

  8. For me Spring is all about the anticipation. The last few years here in the UK summer has been a real disappointment. But every spring the hope of the long hot days is in the air. Sarah x

  9. Enjoying Spring is my plan too!
    It is very warm here in the UK at the moment. Bank holiday weekend should be good this year for a change.
    Lovely to visit your blog at last. Alaska sounds a great place to live with fantastic wildlife in the forests. Thank you for stopping by my place.
    Jo. x

  10. Think of all the beautiful wildflowers that you will have because of all that wonderful moisture. I know you are tiered of the snow, but it is still pretty to look at and the warm weather is coming soon. I have never been to Alaska and have enjoyed your photos. It looks like a beautiful place to live.

    xo Danielle