Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Weekend....

 Instead of waking up to some green anything I woke up to....

On a happier note
 I have been dying to share these sweet vintage dresses I found....
 They fit, the only problem is....
 one must have fabulous legs to pull one of these numbers off...
 I can't pass up a vintage dress in a thrift store.......
because when the next Mad Men party rolls around it will be fun
to pass them around!

 I found this fabulous summer bag yesterday
yard sale shopping with a if the sun would only come out!

I found this set of ARC dishes 
with a few other kitchen I'm 
thinking next week I'm up for re-doing the kitchen in 
pink and greens or cream!

I hope you all had as lovely a week as I did?
Take care and have a sunny weekend,

P.s. wait till you see the gorgeous dresses a friend passed along
they are so Beautiful.....thank you again Amanda!


  1. So nice dresses!
    The green was just simply awesome :)


  2. you're so cute with your treasures. :) and i'm sorry about the snow!

  3. always enjoy your posts heidi those dresses. the snow is getting you down like the rain in the u.k for what seemed like a whole year!! least some sunshine has finally arrived here- much needed x

  4. We have had relentless rain and wind today...hoping for some sunshine later in the week!

  5. Oh, I love this green dress! So beautiful 60!
    …and I wait here with the koffee…and some cake for you!
    Have a lovely sunday!

  6. Wow those dresses are fabulous! It's very cold her today, I'm going to unpack my fleeces again but I'm determined NOT to get the thermals out! :) x

  7. Great dresses. Lucky you have all that beautiful colour in your house to compensate for that yuck outside. Hope a green spring is just around the corner for you. mel x

  8. Absolutely love that green dress!!
    Hope the sun shines soon.
    Ellie x

  9. I love all your sweet vintage finds. Hoping and praying the sunshine is fast on the way to you.

    xo Danielle

  10. I bet you could wear some dressy leggings with those cute dresses. Hoping for some green up there for you. Diane

  11. That was SO fun! Couldn't have asked for a better day! A terrific friend, yard sales, and coffee. All of my favorite things. Oh yes, and some great FINDS! :))))) Thank you

  12. ♥ so many lovely things! Happy sunday,my friend! xxx Riitta

  13. Happy of happiest Sunday, Heidi! LOVE the first pretty dress...Ooh not so in LOVE with your snowy weather my friend! Wishing you some warmer days to follow...Maria with 'twinkles' ******

  14. Hello Heidi, had a tiny bit of snow a couple of weeks ago, friday morning it was cold and our National day was celebrated in warm wollen clothes....then, all of a sudden, a warm wind came in over the land and temperatures changed within minutes! Temperatures have rizen to almost pluss 30 degrees Celsius today! What?! Swallows are here and suncream and the leaves are sprouting everywhere...and l'm in shock!! Love your vintage dresses they are sooo pretty! Sure your legs are more than good enough for them...l always wear short dresses and l couldn't give a whistle what other people might think of my legs. Sending some of our sudden summer warmth to you in Alaska, hugs Pam

  15. Hi! Sorry you had to wake up to snow 18 of May:( Love the pink vintage dresses you found! The cake in your prevous post look so delicious..yum yum:))

  16. Gorgeous dresses. Love the green one ... Sarah x

  17. Those dresses are utterly divine!Where do you find them?? Absolute rubbish about your legs, I'll bet. Get wearing those beautiful articles with a pair of killer heels - no-one will notice your legs then, they'll be too busy admiring your feet! I love the green dress, it will look fab with your new bag. Have a great week,

  18. What wonderful dresses - you are so good at finding them Heidi!
    Lovely china and bag too.
    I hope the white stuff goes away quickly - we had one day of sun yesterday and now back to grey and rain so its not very springlike here in the UK either.
    have a good week Heidi!
    Gill xx

  19. Oh Wow those dresses are gorgeous that pink one is so floaty and girly and dreamy...beautiful. Yuk I agree with the snow through your window I hope that blows away for you and you get some sunshine. Have a lovely week, dee x

  20. Great finds Heidi! Hope you will have one of your Mad Men parties soon :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  21. Heidi, you are a collector like me!
    It is great to find such lovely items. Those dresses are wonderful and probably from the 60's.
    Pretty beads and bag that would match the green dress really well, if you want to wear outrageous colours to the party.
    Enjoy your finds and thank you for sharing a fun post!
    Jo. x

  22. snow!? well, its raining here all the time :( so frustrating..

  23. Lovely finds. Got smitten by those lovely tops. Got my eye on your next posts.

  24. Beautiful dresses! I hardly ever see vintage dresses in charity shops in the U.K. Speaking as a lady with just one small wardrobe (space issues!) I was wondering (rather nosily) if you organize your clothes and shoes on the large rail in the pictures?

  25. Wow, those are some great dresses Heidi!!!
    And like I said are the "Thrift Queen"

    Chris :o)

  26. i LOVE the green dress.
    that and indeedo: MM6.