Friday, May 24, 2013


 Yesterday I re-did the kitchen in color

 from a couple of months ago when I did it in blue and white....

Anyway, I always have fun switching
things out......
but what I have really been busy with is.....
 with a couple of friends
we have been asked to take on an estate sale.

This being our first one 
we have already learned so much
but were having fun at the same time!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Utterly gorgeous as always, Heidi. You have some beautiful stuff in delicious colours.

  2. I'm loving all that colour Heidi, looking fab! :) x

  3. Wow thats really beautiful and sunny! have a great weekend,Musje.

  4. Love the new look! So cheerful and inviting! x

  5. Good Afternoon Heidi, I love blue and white, but do you know I also like blue and yellow with splashes of red. The yellow enamelware is lovely and your kitchen it beautiful. You have so many gorgeous pieces displayed in your kitchen.
    It must make you smile each time you walk into your kitchen.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best wishes

  6. oooh, that's fab! You've got some gorgeous clourful tinware. Have a good weekend. Abby X

  7. Looks great - love all your gorgeous bits and pieces!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. I love all the different colours there. I love your shelves too. So many I am running out of space already on mine! lol.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    P x

  9. You have a beautiful kitchen I love your sink unit. I love all your colours it brings the room so much warmth. Oohh good luck with the house sale and enjoy your friends and your weekend, dee x

  10. You know I love your kitchen!!!! You are a natural at display, it looks amazing!!!! I love all the colors, it's totally perfect for this time of the year in Alaska!!!! You will have to give me info on the upcoming estate sale!!!!
    Miss you!!
    Chris :o)

  11. i really liked the blue and white, but i know you love your color! :)

  12. I so love your decorating Heidi, it is always so happy and cheerful and interesting! Best of luck with the estate sale! Look forward to hear more. Hope you have a lovely weekend, hugs Pam

  13. Oooh I love it when you post your kitchen pics. This would have to be my favourite combo, all that rainbow colour is my kind of collection. We just ordered our new kitchen this week, cannot wait to share mine right back. mel x

  14. Love the switch. Things are never dull at your house, I'm sure. Have fun with the estate sale. Diane

  15. The kitchen looks great both ways. Love to see your decorating ideas. Only piece of advice I have on the estate sale is too look inside everything. I was at one recently, there was a vintage laundry soap container. I nosily looked inside. A silver teaset, wrapped in newspaper. They were lucky I was honest, I think I could have walked out of there with it, for the price of the container.

  16. For some reason, I can see more of the estate coming home with you than actually being sold!!Love your staging and everything looks meticulously clean - don't you have dust in Alaska!!Have a great weekend Bonnie

  17. I *am* coming to raid your house one day, you know that, don't you?! Hahaha!!!

  18. i always love finding flemish words around your place. but so impressed too, by your colour coordinated way of designing your kitchen deco. you have masses of homeware, of course.
    estate sale? keep us posted!!

  19. Så fint allt är. Tack för dina fina kommentarer hos mig, det värmer.

  20. Oh, sooooo pretty. How fun that you change things out often. Your sink is just wonderful!