Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goodbye Christmas decorations for another year......

 What do you think of my new thrifted picture......
I found this vintage yarn beauty last week, what a colorful treat!
Here's a sneak peak of my next post.......
Stay tuned!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Heres a question for you, How long do you leave your Christmas
decorations up for? 
We had someone over for dinner and he was amazed
 that I had taken Christmas down already he left it up once for 2 years!


  1. I leave my decorations up until the New Year, always. Usually I will take the ones down in the Little House the first week but at the City House, there is no telling when they will come down! - Love the new yarn picture, I would have grabbed that one in a second! xo

  2. Most of my Christmas decor went bye,bye on the 26th. Except my polar bears, I figure they are good for the whole winter.

  3. Your yarn picture is so perfect in your house Heidi.

    It depends on the year. Sometimes I don't want to take the tree down until New Year's Day. But I've been working on it today, wanting to get some chairs back where they belong. Diane

  4. well, two years is a record, i'll say. but down here it's till after the new year, just around about 12th night, i'm thinking, and the arrival of the three kings.
    so, the cupboard looks terrific, even though you were talkin' 'bout the blooms, weren't you?
    well, beautiful combo too!

  5. Till the 6th of January - Feast of the Three Kings. In a certain part of Sri Lanka until the 20th of January - Feast of St. Sebastian.

  6. oohhh that picture is gorgeous and so are the draws. Christmas doesn't finish here until the year ends. I take my decorations and tree down on news year day. dee x

  7. We usually keep our tree up until January 6th (three kings). The Merry Christmas sign is already down and I start removing everything else after New Years.

  8. Wow, no way could I leave my tree up for two years...LOL!!! I usually take mine down before New Years Eve!!!
    I love your new found treasure! I'm always amazed at your finds! Can't wait for you next post!!! Stay warm...seems like we are headed towards colder weather again!!!
    Chris :o)

  9. Our decorations stay up until twelve days after Christmas, the 6th January, I think this is quite usual in the UK and is part of the traditions of's also said that bad luck will ensue for the rest of the year if they are taken down before.

    The yarn picture is lovely, hope your Christmas was festive and fun. xx

  10. This year we took out decorations down the day after Christmas because DH was home that day & as the years go by it gets harder for me to do it myself. (I also get tired of the clutter of it because I put it up right after Thanksgiving!)
    We too are super cold here in NE Pa. only in the 20's today & single digits tonight!!
    Stay Warm.... Happy New Year !!

  11. My christmas decorations usually come down right after new years eve.. I wait for my first day of and run around like a tornado to get the whole house finished.
    I'm looking forward to getting it down (all exept the christmas tre.. its so beautiful).

    Soon happy new year.

  12. My Christmas tree is in the boot of my car, waiting to be recycled, I took it down 2 day's ago, I like the feeling of a fresh start after Christmas, and getting back to normal.
    All the very best in everyway for 2012, a new chapter begins xx
    love Sophie

  13. i still have a wreath and pinecone basket out. will probably pack it away before new years. some things i'll let stay out all year - like a snowflake ornament that's been hanging in my kitchen for over a year now. :)

  14. I LOVE your yarn flower picture!!
    Most of my Christmas decor will get packed away on New Years day. I have one sister who leaves her tree up 'til Jan 6th. (Epiphany).
    I wish there was a way to put the tree away without removing any of the ornaments. I'd love to be able to just have it ready to go next year.

  15. Hi Heidi, like you , most of my christmas decorations are taken down just after Christmas, I usual put them up early (end Nov, beginning of Dec) and we packed them all away yesterday. Wishing you a fantastic 2012..Tam x

  16. Hee hee! Two years, classic! I think my hous is sort of Christmassy all year round as i always have fairy lights and fairies strung about everywhere. But the majority of the decs will probably come down on new year'sday.
    Your thrifted pic is very pretty. Happy new year chick. xxx