Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year.....cheers to small changes!!!

 I was putting away Christmas in the family room this last week
in what used to be the store and I can't believe I have been
closed over a year now.....
 I used to love changing out displays and I got to thinking I still
do quite a bit of that just around the really
not having the shop turned out to be a small change.
 the apples make their first debut....
 I used to make New Years resolutions but they fell
by the wayside a few years ago......maybe because
I never kept them!
 My little pears and Lemons made by the PY company
in Japan were so excited to get out of the cupboard.....
 I used to have my kitchen filled with these happy faces till the 3 men in my
life put there foot down and said the eyes all over the kitchen were
starting to bother them.....
 I just love them....
 this picture turned out a little blurry....
To the Happiest 2012 to come
filled with small changes I pray that will
grow to big Changes instead of the other way around!!!

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Heidi! I hope the next year is full of good things:)

  2. Fabulous post, love all your displays - the apples are my fave! Have a happy new year Scarlett x

  3. Thank you for your sweet wishes!
    You must have the cheeriest house on the planet earth.
    I just love all of those smiling faces. How could a person not be happy with them surrounding them?
    Happy New Year! So glad I found you too!

  4. happy new year to you as well! small changes can add up to big happiness! :)

  5. You have the cutest collections!! And I think the little faces are really sweet. Best wishes for a wonderful 2012!

  6. I just love all your displays, exactly the sort of things I like best myself.I love the faces, the apples are really cute. I have a small collection of 1930s cups,lemon squeezers etc with similar faces but rarely come across them.
    Ann x

  7. How could the lads in your house not love those sweet sunny faces around the kitchen.......Happy New year Heidi, to you and your family........let's hope it's full of thrifty finds and good changes. xx

  8. I have to say i love the red and white display the best, it looks utterly gorgeous though, you have some beautiful things. Happy new year to you, dee x

  9. You have such lovely collections..bringing them out must be like visiting with old friends.

    Happy New Year to you my friend, may it be the best ever! xxoo

  10. How beautiful, Heidi. Love and hugs for a Very Special New Year. Call when you can visit. God Bless. Karen

  11. staring eyes... mhmmmm...
    such colour coordination over at yours...
    yes, you miss the shop a little, don't you?

  12. Happy new year gorgeous Heidi, i agree with the boys, the eyes - but they are happy eyes & friendly eyes!! Love your collections, you are so amazing, all those fantastic pieces to display & the colour combinations & themes, wow, you're the greatest. Love it all, love Posie

  13. Gracias por tu comentario.
    FELIZ 2012!!!!!!!!!

  14. Just discovered your lovely blog via Fading Grace. Love seeing all the old enamelware. I used to deal in kitchenalia years ago. Those pretty utensil racks were always my favourites! Looking forward to reading more.

  15. Oh my goodness...your blog is adorable!
    I love the dresser, which changes through the year!


    Happy New Year!xxx

  16. Happy new year, see you in 2012.

  17. I absolutely love those little eyes! I think they're adorable! Liz

  18. I love your changes and the little things with faces. I wish the best for you and your family in 2012 Heidi. Hope it's a wonderful one for you. Blessings, Diane

  19. Happy New Year to you and your family,

    Victoria xx

  20. Ok I would KILL for your shelves! How great o have a place to store and show all your treasures! I love it!Happy New Year!
    Hoping 2012 is good to you and yours!
    Hugs, Lisa

  21. Such lovely displays!! You have such beautiful things! HAppy NEW year!! 2012 already?! May it be the best year!

  22. Happy Happy New Year to You and Yours,dearest Heidi and Lang May Yer Lum Reek (Google's your friend for that one!). Beautiful displays each and every one.Much

  23. What colourful displays, and all those smiley faces are just wonderful :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.....
    I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  24. I'm speechless!!!! So beautiful and cute...just when I think it can't get any better you pull something else out!!!! I love your displays...all of them!!! They always bring such big smiles to my face!!!! Your stash of treasures are beyond words beautiful!!!! I just want to move in....LOL!!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!!!!
    Chris :o)

  25. What cheerful items, I have some of that blue enamel wear too, bought it in Denmark :)Wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed New Year. Hugs Pam

  26. Dear Heidi, thank you so much, and I wish you too a very happy 2012!
    I love your changes, my favourite are the december reds, but I like also the january's yellow and blue.
    I am asking which color will have february...
    Happy new year again, and I wish you could have everything you like!

  27. Wow, it's zo lovely to see these pictures from the colorful things in your house.
    Happy New Year!
    Lieve groetjes

  28. I love your stuff...Oh my... I will be back to visit and be charmed once again..

  29. happiest og happy new years to you.
    Your blog always makes me smile, and leave happier than I arrived!

  30. your shelves look a m a z i n g!!! love the peek into parts of your prolific collection, it's awe-inspiring.

    hope your new year is off to a fab start. thank your for all of the lovely and thought provoking posts this year. i look forward to finding out what you're up to in 2012.


  31. Happy new year and must say your colour themed displays are so uplifting and gorgeous. melx

  32. What JOY~~ your collections all make me smile...what fun to have an area to display such sweet treasures...LOVE all your reds...and your cheery yellow and blues...pure joy. xoxoxo Hugs and thank you for your sweet friendship in 2011! xoxo

  33. Oh Heidi,

    your collections are unbelieveable! All this beautiful enamelware - I can´t believe it. All these colours. But the very best are the apples - have never seen such cute porcelain before. The faces are so funny - I´m absolutely in love with. Why we don´t have such funny things here in germany? I laughed loudly because you wrote your men think the little faces are starring at them.

    A little bit late (because I have a very bad cold since friday together with a migraine) but I don´t want forget to wish you and your family a beautiful, luckily and healthy new year.

    Now I will have a look over your last posts.

    lovely greetings, Tanja