Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just a quick hello...

 Its been almost a month since I took this picture
a group of us went to Homer and this lovely rainbow
appeared for us.....
 There is nothing better than a sunny day in Homer
with friends, a little shopping, and dinner!

 This quilt was my treat from Homer
I loved them all, I must say it was hard to choose.
They are reversible and all so different...
 We had baby visitors at school.
The kids were so cute, they had built pens to keep them in.
I loved the looks on their faces when they hopped right out....

My little Jeremy went to prom again and I can't believe he graduates in 
just a couple more weeks.....

With school getting out soon. I hope to be around more again
and catch up with you all.
take care,


  1. wow! look at your handsome man! :)

  2. Beautiful rainbow.
    I hope I can make it to Homer this summer!

  3. PS
    Your son looks so handsome in his fine duds!

  4. That rainbow pic is awesome!

  5. Hello Heidi, so lovely to hear from you and see some pictures. Jeremy looks really handsome. Blessings, Pam xx

  6. oh my goodness, he is so grown up!! x

  7. Hello Heidi,
    What great pictures. the children must have been thrilled with the visit. Jeremy looks very the color of the bowtie.
    Big hug,

  8. Not so little anymore, we blink and they've grown up! :) x

  9. Wow they grow up so fast don't they? Such a handsome young man!
    Love the quilt, and the photos of Homer are brilliant - it sounds like you always have a great time there.
    Enjoy the last few days of school Heidi!
    Gill xx

  10. ♥ Hello, my dear friend! So lovely to hear from you ♥♥ xxx riitta

  11. Good to hear from you, Heidi. That scenery, especially with the rainbow, is breathtaking. I can't believe Jeremy is graduating from high school. I think when we started blogging he was in the 7th or 8th grade! Hugs, Diane

  12. Long time no blog. Like the photos of Homer and the rainbow. Your son looks handsome in his suit. Annet


  13. Hi Anne,

    Long time no see, everything okay?

    I absolutely adore both your rainbowpicture and your quilt from Homer. Sounds like a place we definitely should visit!

    And how great does your little Jeremy look! Atlhough I am somehow a bit distracted by the door under your stairs. Does Harry Potter live in there?

  14. Nice to hear from you, you were missed!


  15. heidi! nice to touch base here and see you are busy in a petticoat way, my, life does go on, don't it? i hope you feel good at school and this new way of bringing things, and people, together. i think of you, from time to time. and i'm beginning to be terrificly curious about homer, since you are always in praise, yeah? not as if i can just hop over, if only...

  16. Beautiful rainbow, Homer looks awesome..and your son is a very handsome young man, hope you are well x

  17. Hello! Beautiful pictures! And congratulations to Jeremy! :)

  18. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say hello :-) Thank you for visiting me on facebook its nice to see you there. Lovely photo's the one of the rainbow is very magical. Our boys seem to grow up so quickly my youngest is 14 today. Those chicks are so sweet bless them. Take care, Love dee x