Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just for Fun.....

A girlfriend sent Phil this yummy peach preserves from Texas
for his birthday weeks ago....and we finally gave it a try
on our sourdough blueberry waffles the other morning.....
sooooo good!
Maybe everything is bigger and better in Texas.....

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend....and I'm off to see how your 
spending yours.....


  1. The snapdragons are so beautiful....!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!! :-)

  2. Good fun. Lovely photos, especially those snapdragons! Have a great weekend! Love Katie xxx

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to Phil!!!
    Chris :o)

  4. what a great gift from texas! a bit of golden sunshine in a jar. :)

    your signs made me laugh.

  5. Cute post. Oh, my gosh! Those beautiful waffles and preserves make my mouth water!

    I keep forgetting to tell you that Bean's kitchen is positively gorgeous and I know you and Phil were a big part of that. I'm looking forward to the day I can see it in person. Thank you.

  6. nancy drew! i used to love her so much!

  7. Breakfast looks lovely, there is snow on the ground here so I might just go make myself some waffles for breakfast, to keep me warm on the inside. No gorgeous peaches form Texas though, will have to make do with cherry jam. Love Nancy Drew books.

  8. oohh those waffles look yummy. I do love old books nothing like them i just bought a very early vintage addition of Robin Hood another one to add to my shelf and read ;-) Have a wonderful weekend, dee x

  9. Such a sweet post....I am loving the jam myself...I always make Peach jam in the summer...pure joy! Hugs xoxo

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  11. great to be back
    and see the sun is shining
    and you know you are a star h
    thanks for visiting my new blog
    talent trawl and pushing the follow button
    much appreciated as is your friendship


  12. Wow, the waffles look amazing! I love the colourful book display in the first pic x

  13. I love your post!! Lovely! Happy day!

  14. Great if you have a very comfy bed for me, I'm all set!Lots of Love.x

  15. I certainly do recognize your jar of peach yummy on biscuits....or smooth a layer over a peanut butter sandwich!