Monday, June 4, 2012

Treasure hunting.....

I found this painting the other day and knew it would be perfect in 
our Clementine bathroom.... 
 I even loved the artists name 
 Then I found this funky painting.....
60's ?
I thought it would look good in the family room.

Momma and her babies have been showing up twice a day
never gets old.

My boys went out fishing with a friend on a lake today and 
they caught 4 trout and had a blast.....
after the last couple of rainy days it was nice
to have a bright sunny one!


  1. you really love color, don't you? :) i like that ship painting.

    yay for momma moose and twins! :)

  2. Love your orange bathroon- and the towel on the wall. you could not leave that room without being in a good mood every time. melx

  3. Love your clawfoot tub and the floral painting looks perfect with your other bathroom art.
    It must be fun to watch Mamma and babies!

  4. Your paintings look so cheery in your bathroom. LOVE that clawfoot bathtub.


  5. Oh, your tub is awesome! Love the clementine walls.

  6. Awesome finds lucky lady!!! I really love Hazel's picture, it looks great in your bathroom!!!
    The Queen of Thrift and Treasure is doing an A++++ job!!! Love it!!!
    Chris :o)

  7. I love the paintings and your bathtub is awesome!!!

  8. I love how you have so much fun decorating your home...and you do a great job of it!

    That painting of the sailboats...Is it real or a print or one of those reproductions just on a piece of cardboard? I ask, because if it is real or even a print, it might be someone special...not that I know, mind you, but it looks very interesting to me. I am curious, would you email me..Thanks! xo

  9. Those pictures are lovely, i love the colours of the boat one. And i just had to do a big fat aahhhhhhhh for the 2 little babies in your last post those are adorable ;-)) They must feel so safe and secure at your house. bless them, dee x

  10. The flower painting is great. It goes so well with the oval piece next to it. Hazel was my grandmother's name, so I probably would have snatched it up, too!

  11. I love the boat painting - so retro yet gorgeous!

  12. Dear Heidi,

    I can't remember having seen photo's of your bathroom before. LOVE the colour and the cheerful paintings on the wall. You will definitely be cheered up when you get out of bath :-).

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  13. Stunningly cheerful bathroom! Obviously you are better about hanging paintings up than I am - they tend to get propped chez nous.

    Thanks for your comment. I can't wait to hear from Kaari if she has any information about the sequins, in particular. It's her speciality, but I can't find any crown sequins on the net at all.

  14. Oil paintings are on the top of my vintage search list, and your new painting is a jewel!
    I love that you call your bathroom Clementine--so fresh and zaney!


  15. This bathroom color is revitalizing! I thought your towel was a painting,too, and then I took a closer look!
    Great pictures as always!

  16. A very pretty floral painting, it goes very well with your other paintings in your bright and cheerful looking bathroom!

  17. A lovely collection in your gorgeous bathroom. Love the yachts. xx