Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mixed up post.....

 I don't don't know about you but for me this summer
every thing seems to be rushed.....But in a good way!
Three weeks ago the kids and I joined a small group from school
and have started walking and biking almost everyday around 5 miles....Its been so good
for all of us....and It wears the kids out (less fighting) yeah!
 I don't know if you remember
 when Mimi and I joined a friend for our first attempt at pottery....
I think although slightly Misshapen my birdhouse and owls
turned out cute....like something a 7th grader would be proud to bring home to mom....
 Mimi was so excited to see our finished projects from this super fun day!
 You all know that I collect Starbucks mugs and my newest treasure
a friend brought me back this amazing Boston mug....
I love these and use them everyday, I always find it fun
to drink my tea and coffee from a different place....so you can imagine
at a garage sale on Friday.....I was so excited to find these 3 mugs
Shanghai, Hong Kong and Colorado.
Someone had a fun trip!

What have you all been up to this summer so far 
and whats your favorite tag sale find?

I can't wait to show you something else I found, 
It's pretty groovy!

Playing along here!!


  1. i like your pottery. yay for you biking and walking!

  2. Oh, you collect Starbuck mugs?! AHA…
    …and biking…sounds great! I just have the wrong bike here…my Amsterdam citybike doesn't works very wel here in the hills ;O)

  3. It sounds as if you are having a great summer. Here in the UK we are wishing it would start.... and for the rain to stop! lol.

    I love your cute owls and toadstool house. Really cute!

    P x

  4. Nice pottery. Fun to collect starbuck mugs.

  5. Your pottery owls are so cute! Sounds like you are keeping busy. Hope you are having lots of fun.


  6. That is such a good idea to collect the Starbucks mugs from all over...I will have to keep my eyes open, do you have any from Portland? xo

  7. Hi Heidi, I'm still waiting for summer to start here........looks like you've been having great fun hiking and biking with your young ones, very healthy pursuits.........if the rain keeps up here I may have to learn to row a boat, lol. x

  8. I took a pottery class a few years ago. One class I had to leave the room because I couldn't get my clay to center on the wheel. I got so frustrated, I almost cried. The worst part was my husband took the class too and took to it like a duck takes to water. Grrr.

  9. Fun post Heidi. I think your attempt at pottery is cute. The birdhouse has a lot of character and the owls do too. Diane

  10. If I was your mother, I'd be very proud of you! Your pottery is very whimsical and cute.
    I'd also be proud that you are taking such great care of yourself-all that hiking you're doing.
    I sure wish I'd thought of that when I had four children at home together!!

  11. Gorgeous pics!! Sounds like a fun summer.xx.

  12. Ahh... walking with children and making pottery!! Good ideas!!

  13. Super pretty pictures!
    Also love the sofa you found!xxx

  14. Cyling with the children sounds wonderful all that fresh air and sunshine. Summer seems to have been here for all of 2 weeks and since then we have sadly had nothing but rain. So you enjoy yours ;-)) Your pottery looks fab and every time you look at it, it will be full of warm memories for you both. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  15. i think the summer will go by so fast :(

  16. the colorado one would be one i'd pack in my luggage straight away!
    your attempts at pottery are enchanting!

  17. Fabulous photos. I think your birdhouse is brilliant.
    Hugs Debbie x

  18. Love the pottery, something to treasure there and remember the shared fun making them together.
    Sounds like you will be super fit by the time the summer's over!
    Have a great weekend Heidi!
    Gill xx