Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Christmas wish list......and small news!

 First I really have everything I could ever want right now this year
for Christmas......
 But when the catalog for my beloved 
Anthropologie came in the mail......this sweater for our cold days
moved to the top of my wish list!
 along with these shoes......
 this chair I threw in for conversation.....
the jury is still out on this one!
 cocktail party?
 for my next trip......
Cute little top....
 Adore this dress....
Don't forget to sign up everyday for the Anthropologie Gift Giveaway
worth $15,602.....every things crossed on this one!

For my small news. A few months back I mentioned that I had joined a bootcamp
program which in turn made me want to make more healthy choices.....
I finally have lost 25 pounds. Of course I have a few more to go
but its a start in the right direction.
For my entire life I have always carried around extra weight
and I pray this never finds me again.....I'm so excited!
Thanks for letting me share!

Don't forget to sign up for the Wish it , Win it!

take care, Heidi


  1. 25 pounds Heidi??? That is crazy!!! Crazy good that is! :-)

  2. I love your list! :)
    And congratulations on loosing weight! Good luck with the rest, wish I could do the same :)

  3. Well done Heidi on losing that amazing amount of weight!That is impressive!
    Loving all the A goodies - especially that cardi!
    Gill xx

  4. Oh my... That sweater... gorgeous!
    After reading your blog I ordered a copy of the catalog!

  5. That's not small news that's great! Well done, I changed my whole diet, quite drastically a couple of years ago (health reasons, I not sure I could have done it voluntarily!). I eat very healthily now and it's really paying off! :)

  6. personally love that chair
    and the fact that you have committed to being healthier
    {need to get with the programme too...
    eat healthy but drink too much aaargh]
    your blog is looking super christmassy
    stay warm ms h x ... ***

  7. Good for you; it is not easy to lose 25 pounds. Your Christmas looks wonderful. I have a wish for Christmas - the adonis that I met on the ship in Mexico but alas, he lives on the other side of the world in Sidney. One can only dream!

  8. Ciao Heidi!
    Oh! I really hope Santa will bring you all the things you love!
    We don't have Anthropologie here... not yet, maybe one day...
    Wow, you lost lot of weight, very good job!

  9. That cardigan/sweater is just the prettiest! It would definitely go on my wish list as well.
    Well done you for the weight loss. I am trying to shift some of the extra pounds I have put on..not easy though with Christmas just around the corner :P
    Have a lovely day today x

  10. That isn't small news - it's big news! Congratulations, Heidi. Diane

  11. WOW Congrats! As a fellow carrier of weight all my life, I know what an accomplishment that is! Way to go. Love love that sweater...wonder if I could replicate???

  12. Hi,Heidi♥ So many beautiful things! Have a happy day♥ xxx riitta

  13. Hej Heidi, great lost of 25 pounds.
    Lovely things.
    Have a nice day, lieve groet

  14. Bless you thats not tiny news thats huge news well done you thats fantastic ;-)Im really pleased for you and can't have been easy either. I love the cardigan and i think after losing your weight you should treat yourself to it, loving the blue coat to. Stay warm, dee x

  15. heidi, well done, you dare devil!!
    oh, i am so happy for you.
    i can well imagine that is a weight off your... well, everything.

    i second that anthropologie sweater, the shoes and the chair!
    to think by next week i'll be swooning round flag shop UK.
    yep! am traveling. at last.
    nope, not alaska yet.

  16. Congratulations on the weight loss....I always love your selections from your favoritie catalog!

  17. Congrats on the weight loss and new healthier lifestyle. I hope that Santa gets you at least one of those items on your wish list (love that embroidered sweater too).


  18. Hey gorgeous, congratulations on the weight loss, i just lost 13kg which is about 28lbs, yay. Feels awesome right?? Love your Anthropolgie finds, always stunning products from them, love Posie

  19. Well done on the weight loss x I am loving those yummy clothes I love the top and the cardigan best of all. LBF x

  20. That sweater is soooo beautiful....don't tell me the price!!!! Proud of you and your weight loss!!!!!
    Hugs all around!
    Chris :o)

  21. oww i love the sweater, so pretty :)! Well done on te weight loss, that's really something to be very proud about :)!

  22. wow, 25 lbs, that is amazing!!! good for you!! i would love to join something like that, it sounds awesome!

  23. Ooh, well done you on the weight loss :D I have a ton of weight to lose after being on steroids for my RA. 2013 will be the year, I'm determined!

  24. Congratulations! That is big news!!