Monday, December 3, 2012

Gingerbread, Moose,a re-do and a big thank you!

 I hope you all had a lovely weekend......ours was a cold one!
below zero temps still!
 After church yesterday Lisa came home with us to make a 
gingerbread house with Mimi.
She is a foreign exchange student from Germany
she goes to school with Jeremy and is in the same grade.....
she's so sweet!
(note the other little helper in the picture)

 How sweet is she, I had to rescue her from the thrift store...

 I re-did my wall again......

 I won a lovely giveaway from sweet Ada
I can't wait to do something fun with this fun wall paper
The cushion sits proudly on my bed
 where the bright colors keep me smiling!
Thank you again Ada.

 Not one not two but three moose for you.......

Tomorrow I'm baby sitting my two little blonde monkeys.....
they are so cute!

Take care, Heidi


  1. how sweet to make a gingerbread house with your guest! and i like your mooses! :)

  2. Love that first christmassy pic!! BTW i'm getting a whole new kitchen built in my new house and will be taking major inspiration from yours. may I ask where did you get all your French enamel ware?

  3. Your little girl is so cute, she has done a great job with that house. So pleased you won Ada's giveaway, looking forward to see what you do with that wallpaper. mel x

  4. The moose are so beautiful against the white snow. Your house is beginning to look like Christmas. Diane

  5. Everything is beautiful, as always, but what I like most is Mimi's dress! :)

  6. All looking so Christmassy! Glad you like your prize! And that house, well, just yummy! :)

  7. moose loose about the hoose (house)...hehe...still cant believe they wonder about like that- amazing sight though ;0)
    snowy beautiful festive pics and that amazzzzzingly lovely ginger bread house- wow!!!! those clever kids! ;0)xxxx

    p.s sophia says she wants snow for christmas- its quite rare to get it here though we get lots of rain! i'd better send sophia to your home for a few days hehehehe x

  8. Love your decorations and the wall art especially with the little wreaths on them for christmas.Hope you keep warm,Flissx

  9. Hello Heidi!
    it's beginning to look a lot like your beautiful house.
    LOVE all your displays.
    That retro wallpaper looks fantastic too! Lucky you!
    Thank you for your kind comments...s**t happens as they say...but life is what you make it!
    Onwards and infinity and beyond! Love that film Toy Story.
    iF I don't get back here, just wanting to say wherever you are, whatever your doing...
    Have a truly BLESSED Christmas with your beautiful family.
    Hope Santa brings you all your heart desires and more.

  10. Hello Heidi, l do so love your little Christmas houses they are so qute! And that lovely pillow, so cheerful. I have some vintage fabriques waiting to become something...a quilt...or perhaps a pillow (faster to make;-) Can't make a gingerbread/pepperkakehus tvis year, afraid kitten Melvin would be all over it...he is way too naughty :-). Hope you all have a great week, Pam

  11. Hej Heidi, I love the gingerbreadhouse, how sweet of Lisa to help Mimi. I see a Carl Larsson painting on your wall ;)
    Wow, three moose!
    Have a nice day, lieve groetjes

  12. So many lovely,lovely photos ♥♥♥ Have a happy day,Heidi! xxx riitta

  13. So nice that she would decorate the gingerbread house with Lisa :)
    And Lisa had such a lovely dress!
      Hugs from Jane
    (Your name is Heidi and your daughter named Lisa, do you have "Nordic family"?)

  14. The photos are so lovely, I always love the colour in your home.

  15. Here come the Moose! Mooses. Meese. LOL... herd... plural Moose!! I love the gingerbread house! We picked up a kit that the kids and their friends can decorate when they come home for the holidays. (like the ones they did when they were little.) Lots of good memories associated with that.

  16. What a sweet little girl and how nice of you to make a gingerbread house with her.

    Love your vintage ornaments, the vintage sheet project, and the wreaths hanging over the pictures is a great, unique touch.


  17. You have the prettiest Christmas decorations! So colourful and sparkling..
    The girls did a great job on the gingerbread house..:)
    Congrats on winning the giveaway..the cushion cover is lovley. Do share a photo of what you end of making/doing with the wallpaper.
    Have a lovely day..
    Magie x

  18. aahh i have been looking forward to seeing your moose ;-) and 3 of them in one go im smiling a big cheeky smile ;-)) Loving the little gingerbread house, father christmas brought one in my little boys stocking a few years ago and we had great fun making that up on xmas afternoon. Your decorations are looking smashing, dee x