Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Cheer......

 I like to switch things up each year, at least a little.
 So for the kitchen I went for blues and reds for a Scandinavian feel
using what I already have.

 I love these Danish candle holders.....
 Ironed my table linens.......
 Love the sweet scenes on them....
 Jerry has brought me back to when the kids were little, child proofing
my decorating. Were going to put the tree up this weekend
I think this will be the true test.....I have to count my blessings because for the most part,
 he is a very good boy!
 Things could always be worse, I could have 2 puppies!
 So hard to get great lighting in the winter up here.....
I found this vintage wreath at the thrift store
a couple of weeks ago and
I think its perfect!

We have had such cold weather this week 
slightly below zero some days.....
I found 3 moose to share with you next and
my lovely giveaway that I won from Ada.

Hope you have all had a great week so far,
Take care


  1. Loving those linens!
    Kitchen looks lovely and completely unpuppied.

  2. i love the scandinavian decorations! recognized that horse from a swedish blogger pal. :) cute, cute pup of yours!

  3. Even with the winter light I still love your kitchen. All that white and colourful bits and bobs is so lovely. My new kitchen is hopefully coming early next year- fingers crossed. mel x

  4. I love your Christmas decorating. Good luck with your tree. Maybe he'll be O.K. with it (I hope!) Diane

  5. Your Christmas decorating is so cheery and pretty. Love the polka dot tea kettle, the vintage table cloths and your cozy kitchen. Your pup is so cute. I'm sure he will be good with the tree. Good luck. Thanks so much for sharing your decorations.


  6. Those Christmas linens are fab, my girls loved the little dogs picture! :)

  7. I like yor kitchen very much also the Christmas decoration!
    Have you seen I have a little giveaway next Werk.

    so Andrea

  8. I love your kitchen and the christmas decoration. It's fun to see things from scandinavia on your blog.

    Hilsen Gitte

  9. I love the Dala horses,and the other decorations are so bright and cheerful! I love your kitchen too.

  10. Everything looks so festive at your house Heidi!!! And the kitchen of course
    is perfect!!!!! I love the polka dot kettle, it really pops in the kitchen!!!
    Chris :o)

  11. Hello Heidi,
    love your Christmas decorating....and your polka dot kettle...and your Dala many lovely things!
    Rachel x

  12. Everything is gorgeous, as always!! I'd kill for just a couple of hours of your weather though!!

  13. aahh Jerry has grown so much ;-) He is so cute. I love your kitchen its a wonderful feast on the eye of fresh colour. Your linin looks so pretty and festive i must buy some to i feel. Love the wreath on the door it looks perfect. I can't wait to see your moose ;-) have a lovely weekend, dee x

  14. We really have to keep an eye on our cats, too. We've had the Christmas things up for a few days, and neither of them has tried to climb the tree... yet.... Your vintage tablecloths are so pretty!! I love the straw ornaments. We have bunches of those on our tree, too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Dala horses! We have some little ones (we got them for the kids several years ago) and I've had a big one on my Christmas wish list for a few years, but Santa has not delivered. (In his defense, he has brought many lovely things to me each year, just not a Dala.)

  15. I just love how cheerful your kitchen is.

  16. Oh my goodness! Your kitchen is adorable!

    I've had to child proof our Christmas tree in the past because of our cat. The problem wasn't the ornaments though; she actually chowed down on the plastic tree and then it made her sick every time.

    I love your red/white teapot (I have a pitcher made the same way and love it) and your little Danish candle holder.

    Just looking at your sweet collections, lifts the spirit.

    Enjoy the rest of your Christmas decorating!


  17. The Dala horses are so sweet!

    I'm making some handmade ornaments this year, and they are turning out so cute!

    Your home is so beautiful and welcoming.

    We are also having cold temperatures in Southeast - high winds, blowing snow and about 20 degrees - BRR!

  18. Hej Heidi, I love the Scandinavian Christmas decorating. Have a nice weekend,

  19. I bet your house is going to look wonderful! I can't wait to finish work today and go buy some new ornaments and other Christmas paraphernalia! :)

    I checked out Moonstruck and I think I'll like it a lot! Thanks for the suggestion! ;)

  20. You have a lovely kitchen. And so many Scandinavian things you have got. Lovely.
    I wich you a nice sunday.

  21. Your kitchen looks great!

    Have a good day!

  22. Your place looks so festive and lovely. Wow ,below zero, snow and moose! That sounds like my dream christmas, I really should not have been born down here in Australia where our christmas time is usually sweltering heat! Love to you all x

  23. Oh me oh my what a sweet little home! I love your decorating touches. Your shelves are filled with such JOY!

    Have a great week my friend...December is a ticking down! xoxox