Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble gobble........

 I hope you all have had a lovely last couple of weeks
 mine have been busy busy as I have been helping Phil building a house
 some mornings have been cold but with Smartwool products they make
quite a difference you really get what you pay for.......
(check out my lovely thrifted tin)
 Its exciting to see large projects take shape.......
I wanted to share how a view in Alaska is ever changing!
I had a day off a week ago
 and I switched out my kitchen to all red and blue......
the above pictures are a sneak peak!

As far as moose lately they are every where
just not in my backyard, but twice last week I had
one run up out of the ditch 
in front of my car.....this always makes you a little nervous!

I hope your all safe and sound and getting ready for the holidays
that will be fast approaching now.....
Have a blessed Thanksgiving to my local readers,
Love Heidi


  1. ooh, scary moose encounter!

    happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. i find it hard crossing a field with cows in it teheehee, s to me you are superly brave to deal withh moose loose ;0)x
    look at the snow x

  4. I´m glad our weather is still nice. 12°C and sunny !!!
    Lovely swedish horses.
    I´ll have a giveaway on my blog, perhaps you will like to come and take part.

  5. Those landscapes are breathtaking! Welcome back! :) did you get your parcel ok? X

  6. I'm back from a long blogging break, so sorry it's been so long since I've visited.
    Your images are just as cheerful as ever!
    Enjoy your kitchen's new look. I'm in the middle of changing our livingroom--attempting an all white/neutral palette. We'll see how it goes...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Nice to see you again. Love that little blue shelf and the lovely floral tablecloth. And of course those gorgeous snow scenes, how lucky for you having a white christmas. mel x

  8. You take the most wonderful pictures, Heidi. A moose? How exciting! xx

  9. I never get fed up of seeing your ever changing scenery i find it so beautiful and magical its one place i had never thought of until i started reading your blog goodness it must be a couple of years now. It makes me really want to to visit and not many places i see do that it makes me feel warm in my heart stupid really. Love your little red and white horse and im looking forward to seeing what moose visit you this year ;-) Stay warm and have a lovely weekend, dee x

  10. Hi Heidi, great to see you back! And what a trooper you are, totally changing your kitchen around on your *one* day off!! keep giving me your beautiful scenery pics too, I can never get enough of it.xx.

  11. happy thanksgiving
    to you and yours
    invite the moose in
    to help with your chores
    [random rhyme i know!]
    x ... ***

  12. Love that blue shoe - how fun! I hope your thanksgiving was wonderful mine was.

  13. Good to "See" you again. Hope you had a great thanksgiving. Nice with the red and blue. Lovet the nature photos. Alaska is a dream for me. D

  14. Looks verry coolt at the pictures whit the snow! Bbrr. We, Fìja and me, do not like the winter at all! The weather information is telling us that it is going to snow next weak here in holland! Bbrr.

    We like to visite Alaska for two days and than we are going for two weaks to hawai to warm up! Haha! We have a lot of respect for you that you are living there!

    Good to see you back and nice pictures!

  15. don't i know it, don't i feel them breathing down my neck, those ho-ho-ho's. they've been hanging 'round corners in shops for weeks already, i'm getting kinda tired of their early cameos. still. the holidays in itself are nice.
    i hope the house is coming along and you will run us through your home decorations gayly...

  16. You have some colorful treasures here, dear Heidi.
    Have a grand new week x

  17. Your tin is sooo cute, I can't wait to see what you did with your kitchen!!!!
    Thank goodness you didn't hit any of those moose that ran in front of your car.
    Sounds like your uber busy helping Phil!!!! Take care!!!
    Chris :o)

  18. i liked the bond movie a lot! i def have a newfound respect for daniel craig ;) i've never seen another bond movie though so i have nothing to compare it too :(

  19. Hi Heidi, my silly laptop wouldn't let me have your email address so i will have to write here again. Thank you for your beautiful words on my post. You haven't missed the date i get married as i haven't put it on my blog because of the problems we had a few months ok but i don't think anyone will trace me here its 2 weeks away on Saturday 15th Decemeber im getting very excited now and just putting the finishing touches to everything. Its come round very quickly. Thank you again for your kindness, dee x

  20. Hello Heidi, wow what wonderful taste in tins you have and I love your white Dala Horse,
    bestest wishes from rainy uk
    Daisy j

  21. Oh my your kitchen looks amazing...thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

  22. Just found you while blog hopping ... such pretty things in your kitchen :)