Friday, November 2, 2012

House Beautiful.......

I can't believe a whole week went by already.......
and Thanksgiving is in three weeks!
are any of you already making plans?

I received my new Sunset magazine yesterday
and they had some amazing recipes spicing up
the old traditional dishes.....take a look if you get a chance!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. ha ha. can tell i'm not much of a decorator - i read your title as 'horse beautiful'. :)

  2. Love your pictures, Heidi! Looks great,…and very cosy in these homes!
    No plans for Thanksgiving…. ;O)…because we don't celebrate that *haha*…

  3. What gorgeous pictures Heidi! All the rosy~ness of that first one really does it for me! And it is hard to believe Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away. For the first time in many years I will not host it at my house. My sweet sister has just moved back home from Milwaukee, into a house with 5 floors {a mansion on a hill really, her hubby is a cardiologist ~ I live in a tiny abode!} and we will all gather there, even my in~laws. It will be wonderful! A lot less work for ME!!! :))) Hope your holiday plans are coming along nicely and filled with the promise of family and friends galore!

  4. Just love the little pink refrigerator ! !
    Stay Warm.....

  5. We don't have thanksgiving, but I'm starting to think about Christmas! Have a good weekend too! :)

  6. The photos looked very professional.

  7. Would love that big red lamp shade!! That pink fridge is really fun too :) Have a lovely weekend Heidi

  8. Lovely inspiration, thank you!
    Have a nice weekend,
    lieve groet

  9. This decor definitely looks just like your style.
    So 60's retro! Is that your table with the orange lamp?

  10. Gorgeous pictures, I really need a new kitchen! Wonderful weekend to you too..x

  11. What gorgeous photos, the first one is just perfection! Anything pink is always good in my book. I love pink wine! Have a great weekend Heidi, Tam x

  12. So lovely pictures! Have a happy weekend! xxx riitta♥

  13. Gorgeous pictures Heidi....hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs Debbie x

  14. Those photo's are gorgeous from the pink flowers and candles right to the retro furniture each room is so colorfull ad cozy. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  15. We do not celebrate thanksgiving:( but we have other celebrations!

    What a beautiful pictures. I love the pink one.

    Happy weekend!

  16. hiya h - only me
    'bored in spain today' here
    all these inspirational homestead images
    are indeed inspirational and yet:
    looking around me at the undone finca
    they are kinda bleedin depressing
    gotta thankyou for the downer! {Bah - HAHA]
    and what the devil is thanksgiving all about anyway
    off to google it now...
    happy weekend x ... ***

  17. Lots of inspiration in your photographs Heidi! Happy Sunday!

    madelief x

  18. am having a blue cheese on hot toast as we speak! for lunch!
    am not thrusting my feet up, no no.
    back's gone, would you ruddin' believe it. done it in, will try to get by without medecin. am playing 'remedy' by counting crows, over and over again. does help, just a tad.
    am in love with all the interiors you show here.
    makes my back drops look bleak.
    never mind.
    all is well that ends well.