Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Weekend.......

 I came upon these images that I had saved......
I'm not sure anymore where I have saved them from so I apologize
I think possibly Dust Jacket attic or pinterest.......
 I love this nook and curved staircase......
 How cute is this with scrap lumber
it would be so simple to make, I love how its art at the same time .....
Driftwood would work also!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. okay, that coat 'tree' is pretty spectacular. :)

  2. Great photos - I love the pale pink table in the first one i its pretty pale setting, but also love the cosyness of the second - the cushions are great!
    That last idea is brilliant - practical art!
    Have a good weekend Heidi, and thanks for sharing
    Gill xx

  3. I love you're picture's. The first picture looks like a little museum-I like that. I always want something to see. Wishing you a great weekend too-xxx-Sil

  4. Love the first photo, looks like my ideal room, scrummy! Ada :)

  5. love your recycled lumber tree!!


  6. These are adorable! I am loving the little nook as well...I really want to curl up and get cozy this weekend...think I might just do that! xoxoox have a good one too.

  7. I love that stair case! I'd love to have a winding staircase in the home!

  8. Pretty pictures - Very inspirering!

  9. Heidi you've now got me thinking we need an old fashioned lamp stand for our new living room...that's if it ever gets finished.

  10. So fun... the top photo is from the store Nr 13 from my naboring town (Norway, Tønsberg). It's so beautiful there.

  11. I adore all the pretty loveliness in the first photo! The tree coat hook is cute as well :)
    Magie x

  12. Lovely images Heidi. Wish you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  13. hiya mrs h
    gotta say your finds are great
    'specially love the wooden tree
    fun concept completely free!
    x ... ***
    {thanks for the generous 'button' offer
    if you are serious please let me know
    and i am sure i can barter you something
    arty or otherwise....}

  14. Great images im loving the first photo all those gorgeous pastel colours are so pretty. Hope you have had a lovely weekend, dee x

  15. I really love that tree! Wow what a good idea!!

  16. The nook - perfect place to curl up with a book. Love the tree - great idea.

  17. Urgh that top pic is a bit light and bright for me! When you live in a bright climate like I do, darkness is a beautiful thing, lol! But I quite like that pic under the stairs, a roaring fire nearby would be such a treat.

  18. that tree, in 3d dimension, stands in brussels central, AT THIS VERY MINUTE!
    how did you know, he?