Friday, October 12, 2012

It started with a pillow.....

 A friend of mine found this unbelievably amazing pillow
at the thrift store for me.....
 which started a little changes around.....
 I brought my rocker inside after its short summer leave.......
 brought a little owl family together....
 Still love my garage sale stool from this summer.....

I don't know where this week went flying by, but it did......
Kids sick and helping hubby!

Jerry is starting to behave like a little man
although he did manage to get up on the kitchen table
and grab a block of cheese......
Naughty boy!
I have found the squirt bottle is my friend and
 were finally potty trained, Yeah!

Missed you all and will be catching up
over the weekend, can't wait to see what I have missed!


  1. always an explosion of color at your place!

  2. That is a great pillow. Almost like a clown's nose in the center!

  3. I love the round pillow, the dog and all the colours. Have a great weekend. D

  4. I love the eclectic mix here, really love the colour of that chest of drawers! Have a great weekend, I've missed your posts! Ada :)

  5. So great was the pillow!
    And their dog, sooo cute :)
    Flink he has been potty trained.

    Have a nice weekend :)

  6. Oh, I felt in love with your new header…and these owl collection!!!
    Happy weekend, Heidi!

  7. Isn't it funny how when we introduce one new thing we must redecorate to accomodate it? That's half the fun! Love all your colorful stuff.

  8. I remember that rainbow colored pillow - just can't place who had it.

  9. Love that rocker & the cushion is lovely!

  10. Hello Heidi! Missed you too!
    What a cushion! I have a thing gor cushion and this is one I would have to have!

    p.s: I'd love to see your Meg Ryan hair. :)

    1. Sorry for the typos and I love your new header picture.

  11. Hey Heidi, I'd been wondering where you were!! You're such a great decorator, I love how just one little thing gives you a whole ton of inspiration.xx.

  12. always in love with your home, heids.

  13. I can't resist an unusual pillow either! This one is quite unique!

  14. Gorgeous pillow and I love all the colour over at your place. mel x

  15. Ooh what a cute little cushion. I always enjoy a look around your colourful home. I really like the vintage children's books xx

  16. I love the colours in your pics, looking good :)
    x x x

  17. Hi Heidi,

    Hope your kids are feeling better again. Just read your comment on my blog. Snow starts early in your part of the world. In between the rain and wind we still have warm days in Holland.

    Your house looks really cosy and vintagy. I like your collection of 1970s vases!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Madelief x

  18. Heidi your home is looking sensational. Boy, life does seem to fly by for us too.

  19. As always the pictures from your home make me feel lifted - looove the way you use colours! That pillow makes me want to get out my knitting needles and knit one of my own...better finish halfadozen other crafting projects first... ;). Have a great week Heidi, hope kids get better soon. Mine are coughing, Autumn bug.

  20. Love it all Heidi....your decorating is so inspirational!!!! Sounds like you have your hands full at your house! Miss you as ever!!! Lets pray for more non snowy days!!!!!!
    Chris :o)

  21. Love your new pillow! In fact I love your whole house! :-)

  22. I would never think of putting those colors together, and you did it perfectly, you're such an inspiration, I love how you use color!

  23. Your house is so bright and cheerful..just love all your decorations!
    Magie x

  24. That pillow is gorgeous and I love the change around you've had.

    Nina x

  25. Your house looks very cheerful, lovely use of colours