Monday, October 22, 2012


 I found this fun little couple the other day
along with this bright yellow vintage pot......
 How amazing is this picture all done in chalk....
 I loved this pretty set....

 My girlfriend sent me this lovely tea pot 
for my birthday.....
I love it!
last this sweet paint by number.....

I also found this adorable vintage dress.....
Maybe I'll model that one!

I hope you all had a splendid weekend?
We have 6 degrees this morning with lots of sunshine!


  1. Brrr, 6 degrees. The sunshine would be nice though. We've had a rainy fall. Still, we need the moisture after our drought this summer. Love your new teapot! What a nice present!

  2. i really like the birdie teapot. :)

  3. Some great finds there! Email me your address, hopefully post out to you by the end of this week! Ada :)

  4. GREAT finds!! Loooove the teapot, so cozy! have snow already... how bizar to live where you live, can't imagine :-)
    Love the flowers on your wall!

  5. Great find Heidi! Hope the sun stays out for you today, Tam x

  6. I like the paint by number painting and the bright yellow pot. What lovely buys :) I'd love to see the vintage dress...
    Magie x

  7. I love finding vintage paint-by-number paintings. Great teapot!

  8. Your little couple are so adorable and they look like a very happy couple!

    I love paint by number and always wish I could find more, yours is very nice.

    Six degrees....Brrrr! Stay warm and cozy! xo

  9. Well I am glad you have the sun anyway : )!!

    I love your thrify finds!! - I did a little thrifting today, and had so much fun! I love to dig around too!


  10. You found some really great thrift things.
    The teapot is wonderful!
    Sounds like you have a good day to knit or read by the fire.
    Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving a kind word :-)

  11. Oh my your little couple is so adorable!!! You always find the best things. xox

  12. Fun stuff you found. I love the picture of the decanter and glasses and the sun shining in - beautiful. Diane

  13. You have such a sweet friend to send you that cute birdie teapot! I love the vintage paint by numbers!! Who would have guessed 40 years ago that those would become so highly collectible? It makes me wonder what we have in our homes now that the next generation will find they can't do without? Whatever it is, I hope I have some. ;-)

  14. Hello Heidi!
    I love the bottle and glasses, especially with the snow in the background!
    Enjoy your sunny day! :)

  15. I love the yellow pot, such a bright sunny color !

  16. What great finds!! Brrrr..... We are to be in the upper 50's this afternoon. Next week we are to take a nose-dive in temps here in the northeast. Winter is surely on its way!!

  17. I love your thrify finds and your blogheader.
    Have a nice week, lieve groet

  18. The chinese couple is very funny. And your glass set in the sun, so beautiful. Enjoy your week. Rgds, Annet

  19. How many pretty and colorful things! :)

  20. So many lovely things! Have a happy day! xxx riitta

  21. Great finds Heidi. Love the glass set!

    Madelief x

  22. What a visual have such a lovely blog:)

  23. I love that yellow pot such a great colour.

  24. Cute finds... I wish I had such luck finding interesting things!

  25. Great finds, you were lucky. Have a great weekend!

  26. not just the pretty glass set... also the light, falling, tubling, ha.
    and so it has been your birthday?
    and i went and missed it, and never send you greetings?
    ... SORRY!
    and deffo want the painting by numbers.
    still haven't shown mine, what is wrong with me?