Tuesday, October 16, 2012


After getting all the kids off to school and Phil to work
I surfed through Anthropologie with a quiet cup of tea......
How cute is this outfit!
I think its going to stay this time......
 I looked through our trip pictures which made the snow brighter......
Shocking I know, a rare appearance of me!
and put out a little Halloween...
Had lunch with a friend......

It was such a nice quiet day!

How did you spend yours?


  1. I love the photo of your entire sweet family...including you, a very good looking bunch for sure! xo

  2. You look so nice Heidi, why don't we see you more often?!!! :-)
    But all that snow, is that early for you guys?
    Thunder, lightning and torrential downpours going on over here right as I write this...

  3. Oh Heidi....what a beautiful photo of you and your family! You all look so happy. Now for the the first photo from Anthropologie...just love the outfit and the color combination.

  4. Your snow picture is beautiful and I love your picture with your family - rare indeed but gorgeous. Diane

  5. i·cannot·believe·your·snow!
    i can believe you!
    hopla the family.

  6. ?? It's already snowing at your place? Oh, my boys couldn't wait until the -promised- winter will start here :O)…if there will be no snow in Sweden this year..I'll be lost ;O)
    Wish you a nice time until Halloween…and enjoy your week!

  7. What a lovely post!
    I cannot believe your snow!!! before Halloween as well....
    A lovely picture of you all, with the sun, doing an appearance too! !hehe...
    It was home day for me yesterday, catching up with all the "exciting" jobs needing doing here!
    Wishing you a day full of fun!
    Love Maria x

  8. Lovely photos Heidi! Ooh I do so love snow!!
    Victoria xx

  9. lovely outfit, ooooooo snowwwwww ;0), lovely to see a pic of you n family too...i need to buy our home a pumpkin xx

  10. Oh snow now?
    We stay at the Northsea in our mobilehome and enjoy the sun.

  11. The snow is pretty. I always like the first snow or two. But I definitely wouldn't be ready for snow in mid October.

  12. So lovely photos and you look so nice! Have a happy day! xxx riitta

  13. So nice to see you!
    And the nice family.
    You have to buy the yellow pants and bag, COOL;)


  14. Love that outfit! And you are absolutely beautiful! And so is your family!

  15. I was very excited to find an Anthropologie in a shopping mall in Florida last month but only bought things for my home, not myself though there was plenty I would like to have bought.

  16. I've been painting little houses! My fingers hurt! Your day was better! Ada :)

  17. The snow is beautiful and that is a very nice family photo. I hope you have a wonderful day.


  18. Snow already Heidi! Autumn doenst seem to last long where you are, no wonder you made the most of its glories!
    How lovely to see a photo of you with your famliy - and how grown up the boys look, and your daughter looks so sweet!
    I guess when the snows with you already its good you can escape to Anthroplogie!
    Have a great day Heidi!
    Gill xx

  19. Love the outfit!

    To day my five years old granddaugther is coming to stay for the weekend, so I guess my days are not beeing so quiet :)

  20. Fun post, and so nice to "see" you!
    We had our first snow, so we're looking forward to 8 months of lazy days. Yay! :)
    Have a happy one!

  21. So nice to finally see you on the blog, always so much nicer to picture the person you are writing to on the other side of the world. mel x

  22. Lovelier than those lovely pics of your snow, that's what you are Lady!Love the family pic too - handsome guys, pretty gals. Sorry about your snow already, lovely as it looks.Our temps are ridiculous too, if it's any consolation.Lots of Love.xxx

  23. Hi Heidi, that jacket is just gorgeous!

    Its really nice to see you all as a family together.

    It must be getting cold there now. We woke to snow last Friday, it was lovely. We only have snow every couple of years, so it is really exciting for us. The temp has risen again, so its lovely and spring like here.

    I hope you enjoy the Halloween festivities, we don't celebrate it here, though it is now becoming more popular to do so.

    Tam x