Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One of my Favorite things.......

I didn't realize till I got home and went through all the pictures 
that I took was how much I miss looking at homes.....
older homes that is.
This was our first home that Phil and I bought years ago.
It brought back so many memories!

These were a few of my favorites located on
 Queen Anne Hill in Seattle.

 I loved the treed streets, the side walks, the detached garages.....
 All of which we do not have in Alaska.

 The view....

 My favorite little park on the hill.

so sweet......

I am having a hard time getting back in the swing since
we got back home.......things are settling down now
but boy, vacation was more fun!

Hope your week is going well!


  1. some of the porches are so pretty. quite the hilly area, though!

  2. What a beautiful homes,hope you feel better soon at home,vacation is always fun,sleep well,greetings Musje.

  3. Welcome back Heidi! I see I missed your post from the 24th. What a lovely house you had when living in Seattle. It looks very romantic and a bit like a house from the tv-series Pippi Langkous. Do you know about that series?

    Hope you will be settled at home again soon.

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  4. If you hadn't said it was Seattle I would have swore that was is remarkable how similar the homes and landscape is. Your first home was so cute, I bet you had many happy memories there. xo

  5. Love those first two pictures. The green and white look great. Funny how some houses just make you want to start planning the interiors!

  6. American houses are one of the reasons I love the US! Here in Greece, we use too much concrete and each house is close to the next.

    Great post!

  7. I haven't been to Queen Anne Hill in over 30 years - thanks for the lovely remembrance post.

  8. Glad you had such a great time Heidi. Those old homes are beautiful. The detached garages always tickle me. They were built for very little cars, like Model-Ts. Diane

  9. Wow, a stunning house. i love how you have porches in the US. A porch for us is a little tiny build around the front door to store coats, shoes and nothing much else!

  10. Hi Lady, feels like its been ages! What a gorgeous place to take a holiday and look at your beautiful girl so grown up! I always find myself admiring old homes wherever we go. I think I love that white house the most...x

  11. I wish that we had houses like that in England! The pale green weatherboarded ones are my favourites.

    Pomona x

  12. I love the houses, with the little front veranders, always would of loved one of those, with a swing seat! Hope you settle soon, lovely pics :-) xx

  13. Wow your first home you brought looked gorgeous and so cozy loved the flower beds and bushes at the front it just draws you in. Im so glad you had a good trip its always hard to ajust back into real life so to speak. You enjoy your time now and have a lovely week, dee x

  14. Beautiful homes! I love weatherboard houses, thanks for sharing! Ada :)

  15. Your first home looks so charming. What beautiful hydrangeas along the side.

  16. i love looking at old homes. such character

  17. Love those homes !!
    Big kiss to your Boys.

  18. i think i dream of having a home in that area. they are all so so gorgeous!

  19. seattle to alaska
    prompts the question
    WHY? **** ===
    and wow
    first house envy...
    glad to see you back
    {and looking forward
    to my imminent return
    although not sure
    what i have to say
    of any interest}
    x ...


  20. Wow, gorgeous houses and so typically American.

  21. Such beautiful houses. I do like the style of the older houses, they have such more character to them..
    Thanks for sharing x

  22. hi, sweetie pie.
    what a memory can trigger, hey?
    your first house looks so charming, a dream to me, i will never have a front porch and it is something i have dreamt of since before my birth {i'm sure}.

    so. back, hey?
    i've missed you too!

  23. Oh my god - It has been so long since i have visited your blog! I have to catch up some time soon:-)

  24. Beautiful homes. Thank you all for your fantastic feedback on my blog.

  25. such a beautiful style of housing - ive always loved that American style of varander - very few builders do that in England, but while growing up on a lovely island quite a few houses had it to benefit from a sea view and we had a balcony on the 1st floor. In the neighbouring avenue there was a house of my dreams all white and in the shape of the 1st house in your piccys with a varander all the way around it with seating and big tree seat swing on the huge tree in the front garden. I never saw a soul living there think it was a holiday home and hardly used. I used to think to myself at 8 yrs old i want a home just like that when im a grown up hehehe x

    your sweet girl is beautiful x

  26. Lovely houses and beautifully photographed. x

  27. so lovely...I am an old home lover too!!! Your first little home was so adorable..happy September my friend. xoxo

  28. I'll be heading home this week from my vacation here in California. It is bitter sweet - missing my grand babies but needing to go home.

  29. Beuatiful pics of these gorgeous homes...Have a wonderful week ahead.

  30. I love the houses you are showing us-houses with a story. In Holland we have beautiful old houses but they are So expensive. I would love to have an old house but sorry we have a newer one. Wishing you a great week and luck to get you're old rhythm-xxx-Sil