Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long Beach, Oysterville and Snoqualmie Falls, the end!

 We stayed in Long Beach at this adorable beach cottage.....
its been in my sister-n-laws family for 3 generations.
 All the furnishings were original....
 I was in vintage heaven.
I apologize my pictures are not the best it was overcast the
whole time in the pleasant 70's.

 one evening we went to Oysterville for
steamer clams......
 The last day we went to the beach .....
 It was so pretty.....
 Here are a few of my favorite homes from 
Long Beach....

 And last but not least 
Snoqualmie Beautiful!
I have always wanted to stay at the lodge,
Boy Fall is in the air here in Alaska
our leaves are just starting to change
with a lot of wind and rain.....
Anchorage last night in some parts had gusts up to 100 mph.

Are you still in Summer weather or is Fall starting to show up in you
neck of the woods?


  1. we still have summer here - close to 100 this week, yet.

    these are gorgeous photos! cute cottages and gorgeous area!

  2. Beautiful! I love your pictures, you're so lucky to have visited these amazing places!
    Still summer here...

    Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

  3. All fun pictures and places Heidi. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    The beastly heat finally gave up its stranglehold here a couple days ago and we're enjoying cooler weather. But there are still fires everywere and absolutely no rain.

  4. Beautiful. What great houses. It's definitely still summer here. 92 yesterday. Cooler today, mid 80s. I'm ready for some cool weather!

  5. What a fantastic place to stay! We don't have any colours on the leaves yet, but the weather has really changed - nice warm afternoons but coom nights and mornings. We stopped eating breakfast on the terrace at the same time as the boys started back at school - at least the weather is in tune with the rentrée!

  6. oooooooooh…that's sooooo beautiful….and I'll stay with you together at the lodge…amazing…but I think I couldn't slepp…to much noise from the fall ;o)
    ….Here is autumn coming soon…leaves are change colors and the weather is a little bit colder,…and okay….rainy ;o)
    Have a great week, dear Heidi!

  7. So beautiful, I love the houses :) I can feel Autumn just around the corner...I love it xxxxx

  8. The houses are so beautiful !!! The red one is my favorite !
    Autumn is slowly coming, it is still warm and dry.

  9. We are definitely tipping into the fall! Darker evenings and crisper mornings! What lovely photos, GEORGEOUS homes, the house you stayed at is marvellous! Thanks for sharing! Ada :)

  10. Lovely photo's from your holiday Heidi! What a pretty cabin you stayed in. My daughters would say: very old school :-)

    We are still having beautiful weather in Holland, but there is change in the air. You can feel and smell it!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  11. Oh that sink!!
    Love those houses, too and the falls. So green and glorious

  12. What a treasure trove to be staying in! We've just hit spring here, thank goodness, I was starting to think our winter would never end. We had a few stunning days and then yesterday horrendous winds. Still, nice to feel a little warmth in the air.
    Those homes are really beautiful..xx

  13. Hi! So beautiful photos! Lovely! xxx best regards riitta

  14. Fall is in the air here too but the weather has been beautiful, just gets kind of cold at night.

    Your trip to Longbeach brought back memories. I haven't been there for so long. It is a fun beach town. xo

  15. Lovely pictures. You sure had a nice holiday. In Holland it's still nice wheater, sunny and a good temp. We had a nice summer after all. Leaves are still green but the garden is turning into fall. Regards, Annet

  16. Forgot to mention. Like your banner :-)
    REgards, Annet

  17. hiya heidi wow dream house [again]
    would love a wooden house
    looks like you guys have had a fab/fun summer
    still hot here: swam in the med today...
    [i have a giveaway/link delight at mine at the mo;
    would love it if you joined in]
    cheerio for now x ...


  18. love the vintage cottage, heidi. i'm surprised your family was able to get you to leave :~)

    hope all is well with you. i'll have to spend some time catching up with your last few posts. i've been so busy with end of summer/back to school craziness, i just now feel like i have my head above water.


  19. only me again h
    have added this post
    to my giveaway
    {can you,, perhaps please
    encourage your friends to join in?
    you seem to have a more successful touch
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  20. Oh wow Heidi, those houses are super cute!!!!!! What a cute beach cottage....a little bit of vintage heaven for you!!!! I love the beach!!!!! I bet you had fun, did you come home with any wonderful goodies?

    Miss you!!!!
    Chris :o)

  21. There are some signs of fall in Utah now that I am back from California. I had a wonderful trip home - no delays.

  22. Hello! I popped over from Floss's blog. I LOVE Long Beach. We live in Colorado now, but my husband and I used to live in SW Washington and when we wanted to get away from it all, we'd drive to Long Beach. Beautiful! I can just smell that delightful cabin! When my sister and I were little my parents took us to Snoqualmie Falls Lodge. It was so beautiful, so memorable!
    It was so fun to read this post.

  23. Looks like you had a great time, and how amazing for you to stay in such a pretty vintage beach cottage - heaven for you!
    We're having an Indian summer in the south of UK making up ( a little)for the miserable summer we had, but the leaves are turning, a few are falling, and the mornings and evenings are crisp.
    Gill xx

  24. Oh we're in Spring in Australia, so everything thawing out.
    Those buildings are amazing, i love the waterfall & look at your little girl & her adult teeth!! Too cute, love Posie

  25. I like the beachhouse-great to spent a vacation there-xxx-Sil

  26. Glad you had a good time! That blue house reminds me of the little cottage our whole family stayed in one summer, years ago. My Grandparents, Aunts Uncles, Mom. Dad, sisters... ALL of us and it was so much fun! We were sleeping like sardines, but we didn't mind. We just loved being together in one place.
    The last hike I went on with my Dad was at Snoqualmie Pass. That was a few years ago, when he was still able to do that sort of thing. I'm getting teary eyed thinking about it. I do Ok most of the day, and then something little just starts the waterworks.