Monday, September 24, 2012

Moose Pass Mercantile.....and a little of this and that.

 Last Monday I drove back to this sweet little store that I had
driven by on my way home from our women's retreat....
I loved this trunk and sweet turquoise dish.
 How about a cocktail from around the world.....
  this vintage decanter and set of purple glasses......
 and lovely mercury glass bowl.....
  complete tea service set......I stopped and picked up a tin
of this tea to enjoy it smells wonderful!

 This gives a whole new meaning to noodle art....
  vintage shantung silk dress......
 Look at my little blonde monkeys.....they were so sweet!
they were with me 2 days last week.
 Ta da she was showing me how she re did her kitchen....
Heres the cookies we baked ......I think their tummies were
more full of the raw dow.......
I couldn't keep up with their fingers in the pot!

Have a wonderful week....


  1. cute cookie eaters. :)

    i like that vintage decanter and that beautiful silk dress.

  2. Love the mercury glass bowl and the dress is amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous things as usual. The cheeky monkeys are adorable. xx

  4. What cutie pies. I really like the cute raspberry kitchen.

  5. That shop looks like my kinda place! And your blonde monkey's are the cutest! That's what I do as a Grammy ~ bake cookies and stuff my Granddaughter full!

  6. I really like the floral trunk you bought and the lovely mercury glass bowl.
    The cookies look delish. I think half the fun when I was little making cookies was trying to eat the cookie dough as well :P
    Have a lovely day today x

  7. darling finds, heidi. love the 'kitchen couture' gloves. how sweet are those two little girlies? i think i'd jump right in and start playing w/ your vintage tiny kitchen cabinet and bits and bobs, too.


  8. Great finds Heidi! Looks like you've had your hands full with those littlies!
    have a great week
    Gill xx

  9. Love your new finds. Are the "monkeys" your kids? They're so cute! And I love their kitchen. I would have been beside myself if I had one of those as a child :) xx

  10. Lovely finds! Lovely photos! xxxxx love xxx riitta

  11. The girls have obviously got flair! i love the little Paris glass! Have a great week! Ada :)

  12. Hi Heidi,

    You have a nose for pretty things :-)! Love the decanter, the dress and off course the tea service.

    Your two monkies look very sweet!


    Madelief x

    Please send some of those delicious cookies over to Holland ;-)!

  13. Great finds at the store!!!!! I love the decanter and dress! Your little blond monkeys are cute, bet they keep you busy!!
    Chris :o)

  14. You have been getting the most amazing that trunk especially! Hmm, I have an errand to run, perhaps I'll stop at a thrift shop! xo

  15. Hello Heidi!

    This picture of the cookies is killing me right now. :) everything looks great and I'd love to have the around the world glass.

    Have a nice week! :)

  16. So many lovely things to look at!! Your days must be getting shorter and colder now, but your photos never look dull and wintry.xx.

  17. I love your post. In the midst of my working day where I do not know what thing to do first such an oasis of prettiness.

  18. Lovely stuff, so are the two little blonds.

  19. well, yes, i believe, monkeys is the word... hee hee...
    now can i have a cookie and a sip of tea on your porch before the cold gets us all wrapped up again, in ourselves...
    bought an eiderdown coat just last week, i can come to alaska now! ;)))
    oh, and heidi...
    thàt dress!

  20. I love the dress, so vintage.the gloves are very elegant for the washing...the cookies look so good, your. Hildren must have enjoy