Thursday, September 13, 2012

knick Knack's patty Whack's give a dog a Bone....

 My post started off with a theme of some sort......
why can't I say no to knick knack's
I found this sweet creamer the other day and well
we see where it ended up, home with me...
 On our trip I went with my sister-n-law to one thrift shop
and I found this green Cafe au lait bowl for a $1
it's so pretty....
 Check out these amazing vintage towels I found for the 
clementine bathroom....
 Fall weather is here and I had the opportunity to go to 
Homer with a friend and pick peaches and raspberries
so I said I would pick for her sister so she could make jelly and jam
look at how pretty it looks......its so delicious!
Last but not least
Heres my little men look at how big Jerry has gotten
George looks so tiny again......
We start puppy school next week,
I'll let you know how it goes!

This last week Phil and I shared our 18th wedding anniversary
seems like yesterday......

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Gorgeous finds Heidi, the creamer is gorgeous. Jerry and George are sooo cute!

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Carl and I shared our 12 years anniversary last week too. Boy the time has really flown, hasn't it?

    Enjoy your weekend, I have been very quiet in blogland of late, so sorry if I have missed a few posts. Tam x

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Lovely finds there as always..x

  3. Happy Anniversary to you really does go by fast. Love your treasures especially that unique creamer, so pretty.

    Your 'boys' are the cutest and such gentlemen too sitting so very polite.

    Have a great weekend! xo

  4. Hello Heidi
    Congratulations on your anniversary!
    Your knick knacks all look wonderful, you certainly have a knack for finding cool things.
    Your jams and preserves look delicious too
    Have a great weekend ahead
    LOVE PEACE enJOY puppy school

  5. happy anniversary my lovely one xx
    look at those little furry sweet hearts like butter wouldnt melt hehe ;0)
    love your treats n treasures x

  6. Happy Anniversary :)
    Your dogs are the cutest x x x x x

  7. Happy Anniversary Heidi!
    You certainly know how to find the loveliest knick knacks!
    The little men are so cute, and George is getting left behind now bless him, and Jerry looking so handsome!
    Have a lovely weekend Heidi
    Gill xx

  8. I really like the floral pattern on the creamer, so pretty!
    George and Jerry are so cute..I hope the doggie classes go well.
    A Happy Anniversary to your hubby and you :)
    Magie x

  9. Happy anniversary. George and Jerry are cute. Have fun at puppyschool. Annet

  10. Happy Anniversary! Loving the little dogs! Too cute! Ada :)

  11. Hi hi, had to isn`t easy leaving a treasure behind at the thrift store I know. Last time I found something my daughter said jokingly: "good grief woman, where are you going to PUT that!!" My policy is that for every new thing I bring into the house I have to get rid of or give away two things I already have. Good grief...that`s not easy after a while :)!
    Love your newly found treasures and your two little men. They look really angelic...are they as well behaved as they look I wonder? My dog Jenny is absolutely not :) her last mischief was to dig her way under the wood shed. Have a great weekend Heidi, Pam x

  12. And a very happy Anniversary to you both :)!

  13. Loving all your finds. The creamer is so cute!
    Happy wedding anniversary!!

  14. Happy Anniversary!
    Lovely finds.
    So cute your dogs.
    Your jams looks delecious.
    Have a nice weekend,

  15. happy anniversary! your pups are so adorable! and i love the creamer, too. really beautiful.

  16. We too recently had our 18th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations to you!

  17. Oh-I like the dish-flowers on the first picture-I love to paint them-it looks like a little treasure-ENJOY. Have a great weekend-xxx-Sil

  18. I have never seen a creamer like that. It is gorgeous! All of your finds are fantastic. But I especially love the poochies. And Happy Anniversary to you and Hubby :)

  19. Loving it all, the towels - what a find & that orange glass is incredible. Look at those puppies on the chairs, too cute!! Have a gorgeous weekend Heidi, love Posie

  20. Puppy school should be really interesting. I have to say those two look like little angels to me. Are you sure they need it?
    Sweet creamer!

  21. Happy Anniversary!
    Lovely finds! Lovely dogs!! xxxxx riitta

  22. you are a hot rummager h
    love the creamer especially
    and wow 18 years congratulations
    that is some achievement these days
    and the boy hounds look super cute
    {btw the stor about 'wc' saunders wasn't true!
    just my macabre imagination {but you knew that no]...]
    x ****

  23. Darling post my sweet friend....especially those cute little pups of yours...

  24. Hello! How big is that little puppy now!
    Your creamer is beautiful and the towels real 70's!
    The owls look cute. You see often owls now; new and vintage!
    I like them too; we also have some real (wild)ones here in de polder!
    greetings fleur

  25. Oh those rascally pups look so cheeky together. Congrats on the anniversary too. mel x

  26. So many cute bowls and porcelaine!! Love it!! :)


  27. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations on your 18th wedding anniversary! Hope you had a lovely day!

    Your two men look very sweet :-) Love your vintage finds especially the creamer. It's really pretty!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  28. i can't get enough of your dogs! and happy anniversary!

  29. What a nice dogs!

    Great stuff on the pictures!

  30. It's all so wonderful Heidi!!!!! Miss you so much!!!! Peaches in Alaska, can this be for real? I want to go!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary to you and Phil!!!! Your such a cute couple!!!!!
    Hopefully your missing out on all the 100 mph winds that are rolling through Anchorage!!!!!
    Chris :o)

  31. Beautiful things and lots of colours! Love it :)

  32. You have many wonderful things and blessings - happy anniversary.

  33. happy anniversary, you guys, even if i'm awfully late to wish it ya's... and thanks for all the merriness here and the good advice and the general being there, out there, somewhere...