Friday, September 21, 2012

Rain rain go away.....

 Check out this amazing German stool I found.....
I bought it for a friends birthday,
a fellow vintage lover!
Cory celebrated his 13th birthday on Sunday.....
Monday I went for a drive
 and it was the only nice day we have had in a week.....
and its suppose to rain all this next week too.
We have flood warnings through Sunday
for some of our rivers.....

I have so much to share, I found an amazing little shop
when I went to our women retreat last weekend but its been so hard
to find time to blog and visit all of you.....from helping Phil to babysitting
for a friends little girls.....

I also about a month started an Adapt fitness program
like boot camp only not.....I hated it at first but now I'm enjoying it,
well maybe not enjoying it.....

Happy Friday.....


  1. Good Morning Heidi,
    I just heard on the news this morning about all the rain you guys were having. They mentioned up to 5 inches??!
    Over here things are still as dry as a bone and super hazy with all the wildfires going on at the other side of the mountains...
    Love that purple stool: it is outrageously wild looking! ;-)

  2. I'm in love with that stool. Gorgeous. Happy birthday to Cory. Hope it doesn't rain too much. xx

  3. such beautiful views! love that cake, too!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Cory! Love the stool! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

  5. Wishing Cory a Happy 13th Birthday!
    Amazing footstool!
    Shame you have heavy rain - hope you dont get any flooding.
    Looking forward to hearing about the shop you found!
    Gill xx

  6. Hi Heidi,

    Happy birthday to Cory's! Kids grow up too quickly :-) The stool looks like fun. Your friend will love it!

    How pretty the tries in Alaska look. The leaves are changing colour already. In Holland they are still green, but I guess it won't belong before they turn golden too.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  7. Happy birthday to your boy and what a fab stool...lucky lucky friend :)
    Hope you manage to stay dry xxxxxxx

  8. Hello Heidi!
    LOVE the purple stool. I bet your friend will be made up. You have such cool taste and style. Happy teenage birthday to your son, all birthdays are special but 13 that's a big one! Well it definitely looks like autumn in your neck of the woods. Here in London we are just going into Autumn. No doubt when I arrive back to Sweden at half-term holidays, they would have had some snooooow.
    Have a great week ahead

  9. Wow, a teenager now...Happy 13th Birthday Cory!

    Cute are a very good friend to give it away instead of keeping it! xo

  10. Tell Cory Happy Birthday. I love the purple stool - how fun!

  11. happy birthday to cory!!!! and yes, soon for those pretty fall shirts. hopefully by the time they get here? come on baby!

  12. A purple mushroom, hooray!
    wonderful country, so rugged but magnificent too

  13. today 13 2morrow 18
    and wow {as above} a massive magic mushroom
    bit trippy that one...
    wish i could pop by for a natter 'h'
    could do with a real friend 'here'
    and a slice of that cake !
    rain rain go away and snow
    well you know how i hate snow
    snow snow bugger off ! x ...
    be safe ***

  14. Congratulations, beautiful pictures and Happy Weekend!!!!

  15. Heidi - I love the mushroom stool! I have been thinking about all the folks in Southcentral - I heard that yesterday they evacuated the entire town of Talkeetna! I hope you and family are staying dry, warm and safe!

  16. That giant purple mushroom pouffe is a hoot! Happy day to your boy and keep smiling through the rain - we have had none for over 2 months and everything is dry brown and crispy - winter is dry and sunny over here. Mel x

  17. happiest of birthday wishes to mr. cory. love the football cake.

    and, might i add, the purple mushroom stool is amaze-balls!

    enjoy your weekend, heidi.

  18. Hi Heidi...absolutely love the fabulous mushroom stool.
    Hugs Debbie x

  19. What a fab mushroom stool, looks like something straight from Alice in Wonderland..
    A Very Happy 13th Birthday to Cory :)

    Magie x

  20. Yay i just started week 5 today of a fitness programme. See you on the run!! Happy birthday to great Cory!! Can't wait to hear about your new shop find and retreat. Busy lady!! Love Posie

  21. well, hey?
    good luck on your fitness thingy!
    where's the time when you wrote about necessary leggings to one of your legendary parties?
    listen, i'm walking every day now.
    that's about all the fitness i'm getting, but i'm not complaining... since i'm not courageous enough to do anything more than that...