Thursday, July 18, 2013

A rambling post....

 Mimi and I found this groovy Barbie case last week......
 and some of you maybe remember me talking about wanting to paint 
my trim white on this half of the house....well I'm finally starting this huge
project....the worst is all the prep work!
 Then I can be as happy as Barbie in her new digs....
 This little stinker as I was taping off the floors and windows
was coming behind me ripping it all off.....he's like a little kid!
look at those eyes though.....sorry Mommy.
 We hit 80 degrees  yesterday and so Mimi and I walked the boardwalk
along the Kenai river after playing in the park.....
 and watched them fish for a while....
 It was such a lovely day and with the breeze, no bugs!
and last but not least heres the fireweed as promised!

What have you been up to?
any projects?



  1. glad you're having some nice days! laughing at your little pup painting helper. :)

  2. Painting the trim is a good idé... I dont think your going to regret that when you are finished. Put the work.... !! OMG.
    Hugs Madelén

  3. decorating our house we rent and sewing. starting a rose garden and loads more, your week looks fab, love those doggy sorry eyes x

  4. What a fantastic find that Barbie case was, I have never seen one like it.

    Love that your little 'stinker' stole the tape as you put it down..I agree, just like a kid! xo

  5. I wish the temperature would drop to the 80s!

    I love Barbie's new place!

  6. Hi Heidi, that looks like a big job, but well worth it in the end I am sure. LOVE the Barbie case! Not much doing in this neck of the woods :) Tam x

  7. Happy belated birthday to Jeremy Heidi! Happy to hear you are enjoying fine weather and the outdoors too! Love the Barbie room. It brings back lots of memories :-)!

    Good luck painting the house!

    Madelief x

  8. Hello Heidi,
    Good luck with the paint project! the case is beautiful, I'm sure Barbie will be very happy. Poor little guy...mind you I think the sad face is just a means of manipulating us.
    Big hug,

  9. It's been so hot here in the UK for a change that all the projects are on the back burner while we enjoy the sunny weather :) x

  10. Looks like a great week, we're enjoying some glorious weather here too - too hot for painting!

  11. Very cute Barbie set. I didn't know that Kenai had a boardwalk - looks fairly new.

  12. That is such an adorable barbie home...Love the bright colours. What a lovely area you live in. Hope your Summer days are going well. xo

  13. I painted out some very vivid colours to antique white USA ... I felt like it was never ending was well worth it . Good luck x Now following x

  14. What have I been up to you ask?? Well, one of the things I did in the last few days was visit your beautiful home and meet your great family. It was wonderful to meet you, surprise you, meet your husband, Mimi and George and Milo. And surprising you was the best of all!!!! Great to see you in person, Heidi. Diane

  15. I love the Barbie house...goodness Mimi is growing so fast!!! I like you love the breezy non bug filled days. What a summer we're having, this will be one to put in our memory books!
    I think your going to love the white trim!!!
    Chris :)

  16. thats a lovely river walk!! happy w/e :)

  17. Hi Heidi...I hope you are well. Sorry I haven't popped by for a takes over!!! Your photos are stunning as always. A very belated 'Happy Birthday' to your son. I hope the painting project goes well.
    Hugs Debbie xx

  18. Hi lovely, glad you have been having nice weather to, I love seeing photos of where you live its beatiful. I did chuckle at your little stinker:-) bless him. Happy painting, dee x

  19. i wonder what that is, fireweed?
    perhaps i should read on here first, backwards...
    lovely walk along the river!