Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 Our Niece and Nephew are up visiting from the Seattle area
for a couple of weeks......
 So yesterday we too advantage of our lovely weather
 and went for a hike.
 Upper Skilak Lake, it was over 80 degrees. 
 Its just stunning!
 I finished my painting finally and I love it
more about that later though.
I had such a fun surprise visit from Diane and Amanda
 I have been following her blog for a
number of years now and to finally meet face to face
was such a delight!

You can see her visit to Alaska
on her blog and Amanda's blog!

take care, 


  1. You're right....stunning photos of the lake!

  2. Hello Heidi,
    I am glad you are having a nice summer with friends and family. I look forward to hearing about the painting.
    Big hug,

  3. sweet to meet blog friends in person! glad you're having family time, too!

  4. Glacial fed lakes are such a beautiful turquoise color! Glad you had lots of fun with all your visitors! It was hotter there in Alaska yesterday than it was here in KS. We're getting a bunch of cool Canadian air. So our usually steaming hot days of summer just aren't happening. I'm not complaining. :-)

  5. It was so wonderful visiting you, too, Heidi. Seeing you and your wonderful family and your furry kids and your beautiful kitchen and home. The dining room looks fantastic. Have fun with your company and don't get too hot!!! That weather is amazing. Thanks so much again. Diane

  6. Hi Heidi,

    What a gorgeous lake. The weather looks sublime indeed.

    I like you (it is yours?) dining room because it really looks inviting.

    An you look stunning in the picture. Such a nice smile!

  7. It a gorgeous place to visit!
    So neat to meet fellow bloggers.

  8. Thanks for posting some picture and for showing the kids some of Alaksa's beauty! Your trim looks great, Rachel loves your house! I hope thifting today was a huge success!

  9. Looks like a nice hike !
    Alaska looks soooo beautiful.

  10. What a stunning view over the lake, and how nice to have two lots of visitors.

  11. Such fun times with family and friends, I need to visit!

    Victoria xx

  12. One of these fine days, you'll be blogging about me visiting you up there in the wilds of Alaska which look incredibly beautiful. Wishing and hoping and hoping and praying!!!lol

  13. Wow, that hike looks amazing....and to meet Bloggy friends, wonderful! :) x

  14. it's lovely to meet blogfriends.