Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

 Today our oldest turned 18, I can't believe it.....
(Note the mess behind him, I started a home improvement project)
He asked for a reloading kit, 
so he was busy getting it all set up today.
then he has a camping trip planned with his buddies!

Take Care,


  1. A very happy birthday and hope his camping trip turns out great! My eldest, the girl out of four children, turns 18 in feb. Where does time go?? Hope you are enjoying your Summer Heidi and having lots of sunshine. Pam xx

  2. Happy Birthday, hope he had a great time, that cake looks very delicious!

  3. Dear Heidi,

    I cannot see any mess at all (even enlarged the picture). But I DID notice two very nice feet.

    Just love the T-shirt, suppose he gets lots of comments on that one.

    Give me B-day love to your son,
    and enjoy the cake (unless there's nothing left today)


  4. Happy Birthday Jeremy!

    I have no idea what a reloading kits is but it looks interesting :) Tam x

  5. Hello Heidi,
    Happy birthday Jeremy. I wish you all the best.

  6. 18!!! congratulations to your grown man!!!

  7. I didnt see a mess either! Just the feet and cat food!

    I am having a hard time with my boys getting older. They will be juniors this year and I get teary eyed just thinking of it. Hope you are stronger than I am!

  8. Happy Birthday Jeremy! Enjoy your special day. That reloading kit looks like hours of fun :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  9. Happy birthday to jeremy...how does it feel to have an 18 year old????

    I love your heading....I am a big fan of Dala horses...
    bestest as ever daisy j xx

  10. Hello Heidi,
    Thanks for popping by! Can't believe you have an 18 yr old! mind you I cant believe my baby is 19 this month and that I've got a 24 yr old daughter as well!
    Happy Birthday Jeremy!
    Rachel x

  11. Hej Heidi, happy birthday to Jeremy.

  12. Hope he had a wonderful birthday!!!
    Chris :)

  13. oh my, he looks after you, princess!
    i mean, i don't even know you so well, but what little i have seen of your pretty face, i find back in your eldest now!
    happy belated b-day!