Friday, August 9, 2013

My dollar score and fishing trip.....

 I found these vintage treasures last weekend.
I fell in love with this orange chair for a dollar.....
 and these colorful vinyl stools.....
 One night last week the kids went to the lake and did 
some fishing with their cousins.....
 Rachel did well as my camera gal......
 They caught three nice trout.....

 We have so enjoyed their visit,
the two weeks have flown by.

I'm just bummed we had such beautiful weather on the first
week and of course I had so many commitments
and the second half of their trip we have had rain.

We went to the beach today any way
 and played in the mist and rain.....

Next week I promise to get around to all of you and catch up
and Thank you again for all your sweet comment on my paint job!
take care,


  1. That chair for a dollar??? That's amazing! I love it!

  2. Very interesting throw pillow with the bicycle...

  3. What great finds, love the chair shape and colour and cannot believe it was $1! mel x

  4. This chair is soooooooo nice!
    And I hope you'd a wonderful time with your family!

  5. glad the kids had a great time, regardless of weather!

  6. Lovely chair and pillow. Love from Grethe

  7. You always find such treasures! Running in the mist on the beach doesn't even sound like a bad idea there. Have a great weekend, Heidi. Diane

  8. Your week sounds good Heidi! It must have been fun for the kids to have there cousins over.

    That orange chair is a great find for one dollar!!! Well done you!!!!

    Happy Sunday,

    Madelief x

  9. Hej Heidi I love the chair. You have always great treasures.
    Your children will have joyful memories.
    Have a nice weekend,

  10. A dollar for that cool chair! You lucky thing, that was a real bargain! Love those stools too. Cheerful colous. My boys have been fishing for trout today, hubby and l walked along the river picking blueberries while they fished. Your visitors sound like they had a good time. Hope you have a lovely Sunday, hugs Pam

  11. Fantastic finds..especially that great chair, wow!

  12. Nice finds,I love the nature I see,looks like a great fishing day,have a nice week,greetings Musje.

  13. I think I'd fall for that chair too, it's fab! :) x

  14. Hello Heidi,
    I love that chair. great find! I am sorry the weather was not great on your vacation, but I hope you had fun just the same.
    Big hug,

  15. The pictures of where you live always take my breath beautiful as are your finds x x x x x x

  16. What? One dollar? That's amazing, love the chair.

    The lake looks like a beautiful place. I am sure they enjoyed their time with you, rain or sunshine. x

  17. Wow, $1. That's crazy. Your little vignette looks wonderfully colourful. The lake looks blissful! xx

  18. you would knit sunrays from raindrops, you would!