Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My best thrift.....and pie pie pie.....

 These fun fish mounts walked into the thrift store the other day
and when I asked the price I heard $475.00 but really they
were $4.75........
 They are amazing....Jeremy got the Mai Mai in his room!
 and Cory got the Tuna.....
 someone had paid a pretty price to have them mounted.
Made my boys day!
I have to say these may be my best thrift find yet.
 I picked rhubarb the other day....and so I made
4 rhubarb/strawberry/blueberry pies.....
 I had some friends out for dessert and gave a couple away....
 I love to make pies its just there not something you want around
very often......temptation!

We are having AMAZING weather.....we hit 84 degrees at the house
yesterday afternoon......its glorious but our crop of mosquitos right now
are just awful.....

Enjoy your day....


  1. Those fish mounts are amazing!!!! You scored big time on these Heidi, and they look great!!!!! They cost a small fortune to mount!!!!
    I love them both, but the tuna is my favorite!!!
    Chris :o)

  2. Those pies look yummy... I stew some rhubarb yesterday but just had it with organic vanilla ice cream... CX

  3. oh my....those fish!!!. please tell me you had a long walk to the car with a fish under each arm!! they are fab! I would have snapped them up in a flash xxx

  4. Wow, those fish are fantastic..what a steal too!!

    How nice to have such great weather. It's kind of strange to hear those temps coming out of Alaska.

    Your pies look yummy. I have yet to conquer the pic crust phenomenon, perhaps one day you might consider a tutorial. xo

  5. Funky fish!
    The pies look so yummy Heidi - hope you all enjoyed them along with those high temperatures!

  6. Watching Jaws in the 70s had a profound affect on me......I would not be able to sleep!!! :) x

  7. I have been trying to get hold of rhubarb to plant for ages and simply couldn't find it anywhere (in Sri Lanka) though it does grow there for sure. Those pies look amazing!

  8. o your pies! The most wonderful picture of pie making I've seen~

  9. oh, those pies look AWESOME! cool fish finds!

  10. Oh my goodness Heidi! Those fishes are truly amazing!! My boys would go wild if l had found something like that for them. A fantastic find and not expensive either! You lucky thing :-). And your pies...oh dear...l really need to make a pie today! Your pies look super jummy! Hugs Pam

  11. Wonderful fishy finds ... and the pie looks scrummy, custard with mine please x

  12. Goodness those fish are fantastic, perfect for your boys rooms. mel x

  13. The fish are very novel. They really suit your colourful bedroom. Mmm, homemade desserts! xx

  14. Those fish are very unusual, I love the shiny surface. The pies look delicious, we're having a few rhubarb crumbles and pies too, you can't beat pie and custard in our house!

  15. Those fish look AWESOME! So do the pies! My rhubarb is coming up gang busters. I am making another pie this weekend. I don't make my own crusts though. I have never figured out how to make the perfect crust! Good job!

  16. Fab fish, Heidi! They look great in your boys' bedrooms. And those pies look so scrumptious! Abby x

  17. What a nice rooms,love the fish`s and would love to try youre pie ;-) have a nice dag,greetings Musje.

  18. WOW!
    I would have liked to see the faces of your kids when the found the fish in the bedroom.

    They are great, grande, big!!!!!

    In the same way as Allison describes here above: I allready pictured you with the fish in your car.
    And above all they are SO cheap!

    The only apt word for the whole story= amazing.

    And your pie is breath taking, especially in my case. Since I have come home from hospital last week, and my husband comes home late all nights (without shopping stuff) I have to manage foodwise with the things I find in the storage room in the house. So far I found enough but today the urge for something really tasty is rather high.
    Thank God my lovely neighbour brings fresh fruits now and again.

    Right now I would kill for some French Fries (yes, I am a Belgian and I haven't had them for over a year now)

  19. Hi Heidi, sorry I haven't been around for a while. The new fish are amazing! The pies looks delicious. Tam x

  20. The fish look great...but the pies look better! Have a great weekend!

  21. Oh my goodness, that pie looks scrumptious! Please save one slice for me, I'm coming over right now.

  22. gorgeous fish and then pies...
    you STAR!

  23. Heidi you must share your recipe for your pies....I make a lot of strawberry/rhubarb, but I haven't made one with blueberries. They look yummy!!!
    Rosika is have pie at her wedding...no cake and she is making tiny little pies for everyone in little mason jars...
    Chris :o)